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Suggestions for next cartridge...
AMG Teatro I'm enjoying it very much  
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
tomic601 got it right Aesthetix MIMAS at 7k and Belles aria sign5.5kEnjoy the MusicTom 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
it all starts in the front end but if its good next are the ampsmy amp and preamp are Aesthetix very resolvingEnjoy the Music Tom 
L-505uXII v. Hegel h190 to pair with Vandy Treo CT?
what did you choose  
To clean or not to clean...
I clean with a VPI and new MoFi sleeve I even clean MoFI ultradisc one-step at $125  you think they would be spotless We spend so much time and money on our systems why not five minutes more to have it sound its bestEnjoy the Music Tom 
Aurender music servers: higher priced ones sonically better?
itsjustmeSorry went by what I was told about  Roon should have read it for myself if you could post a link for the post so I can read it thanks for the good comments on my system  
Aurender music servers: higher priced ones sonically better?
Roon is an interface has nothing to do with sound quality  
Aurender music servers: higher priced ones sonically better?
tomic601 Hope all is well with you and yours I have never looked back on any decision on Aesthetix or Vandersteen just moving up the linesEnjoy the Music Tom 
Aurender music servers: higher priced ones sonically better?
I have N10 with Codex big improvement over the 100s my next move will be to upgrade the DAC to Aesthetix Pandora I rather have separate streamer and DAC each plays big roll in SQEnjoy the Music Tom 
Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse Stereo amp
I have listened to before and after upgrades worth every penny its everything you like about the amp times 10 I have heard it in friends  system and at my dealer if I could afford it I would do it to my Atlas hopefully Aesthetix will have an upgra... 
Matching solid state amps with tube based pre amps
Check out Aesthetix they are Hybrid best of both worlds  
Looking for a new DAC streamer/server combo
Using Aurender N10 and Ayre Codex my next upgrade will be the dac to Aesthetix Pandora 
Possibly Dumb Question re:Battery as a power supply
I have a Performance DC I use a linar power supply made by McRUin the UK when I first got the TT I used the wall wart and using Clearaudio stroboscope test record it showed a slight drift in speed after switching to the linear supply speed is spot... 
Then there were 2
Ref 75 SE over QS 120mono over the Rogue I started with Rogue  when I upgraded it was between Ref75 and Aesthetix Atlas went with Aesthetix Enjoy the Music Tom 
Speaker Recommendation up to 70k
Go with the Vandersteens Kentos  at $37k or the new 7xtrm at $84kGreat sounding speakers that get it all right  with 11 band EQ for the Bass and time alined driversI have Quatros Enjoy the Music Tom