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Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
I believe father Christmas Emerson Lake & Palmer  
Does a wired streamer sound a LOT better than a wireless connection?
Don't know the Aurender N10 I have only has a wired connection  Auralic can go wireless but the say it sounds better wired    
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
tubeless maybe I will see you at Johns  
Upgrading my system
Check out Vandersteen New Model 2Ce sig III  
Upgrading my system
zpuckhead have you heard the new signature at Johns  
Upgrading my system
You have to hear the new Belles Aria Signature even better and on speakers a friend of mine had Harbeth and switch to Vandersteen Treos   Enjoy the Music Tom  
Measuring Turntable Platter Speed
The Clearaudio has groove that tracks the cartridge and its drag on the record  to give you a more accurate reading  
Next upgrade?
You get the bigest bang for your buck by upgrading speaker first then                   front end,amp   
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
tubeless which speaker cables are you using  I help out at Audio Connection and when Proac are demoed we use                Proac speaker cables not sure but I think they are made by Cardas  
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
What speakers do you have  
World's Best Speakers For 2021 ?
tomic601 it sounded great best I ever heard the 7XTRM and the SUB9s  dont think they will ever be surpassed   
World's Best Speakers For 2021 ?
You and Bacon haven't heard the new Vandersteen Model 7 XTRM  with SUB 9s  
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
cd45123 and the winner is_____________ 
Why is NASCAR suddenly topping the charts?
LET'S GO BRANDON         LET'S GO BRANDON  echoing throughout the land 
$4000 budget for amp and preamp
Check out Belles Aria preamp and amp at $1500 and $2000 very good sound and made in NewYork if you can swing $500 more get the mono blocksEnjoy the MusicTom