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FIM gold vs NBS Statement ?
Top Gun- great on Rowland. 
Theta reliability?
My buddie's Gen VA dac had to go back once, but I own the Dreadnaught amp, and it has been problem free! 
Party At Albertporter s
Are any Canadians invited? 
Speaker Cable for Tube SET System?
Hi Dekay. Try the Coincident cables (new top of the line is TRS- Total Reference System). If you e-mail me, I will send you the e-mail of a current owner who is raving about them, and he's an Audiogon regular as well. 
Rate my Rack
Dudes- Golden Tube has a nice little secret. Its their 300B monoblocks. Once (highly) modified, they are 7 watts of bliss. Mated with a good bass amp in a bi-amping situation, tough to beat. However, having said that, I agree, forget about support... 
Isolation Tweak Confusion...
Thanks for all the comments guys. Bluenose- you're hilarious! Jeffloistarca- great homemade solutions; Abstract7- nice Rollerblock knockoff! Questforsound- I'll check that out, and Albert- I'll e-mail you (its been months since we spoke anyways- t... 
Toronto Audiophile s at Applause Audio
Hey Peter- is this a Vinyl guy only thing? I am in Toronto, and have never heard of this little soire... 
What s Your Frame of Reference?
I just pick a disc that I know like backwards. Much easier to discern any differences that way (usually quicker anyways) 
Where will be hi-end audio in 2050?
my vote is for FPeel- best response (especially the Bose part!) 
Break-in factor rqd for new cd player?
Thanks for the reassurance guys. Sugarbrie- I've got it set on repeat for the entire disc, and will play it 24/7 for about a week- that should do it. Already sounds a bit better after 4 hours... 
Best Thread in Audiogon.
'tube amps with big balls' was kinda fun! 
What's your profession? Age?
National Account Manager- construction information company; 35 yrs old. 
Best Find Ever???
Picked up an awesome 100% handmade Chinese silk 7'x10' rug recently. Original price ~ $15k (CDN), and got him down to $4k!! 
Kimber Illuminations D-60, proper length
I've heard that 1.5m is the optimum length for true 75 ohm digital cable. But hey, what do I know? I own two Illumination D-60 cables, one 0.5m and the other 1m!! Yes- they are great for the $$. Enjoy! 
Your vote - BEST CD PLAYER in the world??
Audiomeca Mephisto II**Note- when anyone responds, tell us WHY you feel your choice is the best... (what does it so for you that made you choose it).