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cd players with volume control
Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 
Melos MAT-180 tube amp- anyone heard it?
Thanks to both of you. Pls1- unfortunately, monoblocks are out of the question. Currently, have only one shelf available (no more room), therefore has to be a single chassis- thanks for the suggestion though.Dean505- might be interested in the pre... 
The Canadians that visit the site
Hey Jefflo- whasssuppp? Suttsy here in T.O. 
Most musical stereo tube amp under 5K..
Thanks guys- appreciate the input. I have spoken to my dealer (big ARC fans), and my speakers are SO tough to drive, they are really recommending the VT-200 minimum, or two VT-100's bi-amped. There goes the budget!! 
Modding VTL tube amps for XLR- possible?
Thanks Don- I was afraid that would be the answer! 
Bel Canto SETi40 intgrtd or SET40 monos
Oops- one correction: I believe the SET40 is actually a stereo amp (not monos). Its the SET80 that is the mono. Sorry! 
CD players, 5-6K
Sim Audio Eclipse w outboard power supply 
Speaker punishing bass
Sweetback (Sade's backup band- only ever did one disc). First track. 
Music for "Tough Times"
Billy Holiday- "Billy's Blues" 
Cary 300SEi integrated amp- opinions??
Thanks for the feedback. I think the 300 SEi has KR 300bxls tubes, which someone I know says are 'dry and uninvolving'. He much prefers Western Electric 300b's; so maybe I will look into a combo that has those. Later! 
HDCD , 24/96--mutually exclusive
I agree with George that the 24/96 is the best, but unless you are upsampling, the 24/96 dacs are only reading 16/44...The key is to add an upsampler (i.e. I use DCS Purcell), which will upsample 16/44 to 24/96 (or even higher, like 24/192 if you ... 
High-Bit CD s JVC XRCD worth if...
thanks guys- perhaps I will do the experiment and let you know! 
necessity of 24/96 w/out dvd-audio...?
DKlap- E-mail DCS in the UK for a technical white paper on upsampling benefits- 'smooths out' sine wave sound curve, etc., etc. (I use the DCS Purcell upsampler, and will never go back...). Also, some of the recent Stereophile mags have interestin... 
Cardas Neutral Reference vs AQ Caldera
JC, I also have the LS-16. All my cabling is Cardas Golden Hexlink 5C- rich, warm, huge soundstage- beautiful. Tried Neutral Ref- didn't like it- to lean IMO, but depends of course on type of 'sound' you are after. Good luck! 
necessity of 24/96 w/out dvd-audio...?
upsampling can produce better sound from digital. Standard 16/44 discs (regular CD's, not DVD) can benefit from upsampling to 24/96 (or, ultimately, 24/192 w use of DCS Elgar DAC; internally in Accuphase DP-75V CD player, etc., etc.). 24/96 is not...