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Tube amp newbie- where can I learn??
Thanks Viridian- guess I've got some reading to do! 
Tube amp newbie- where can I learn??
Rute1- thanks SO much- that sounds like a good resource, and I will definitely check it out!South 43- They amps were rebuilt by Israel Blume of Coincident Speakers (in fact, they were the heart of his personal reference system, along with a rare A... 
Opinion needed-Coincident Super Eclipse
look up member 'brulee' here on Audiogon- he had them, and liked them a lot (I am pursuing them as well), and, he's a great guy to talk to. Good luck! 
Tube amp newbie- where can I learn??
Kubla- check your e-mail- (let's discuss...)Bruce- how are ya? Haven't decided on speakers yet. Unfortunately, the only room avaialable for the system right now is a tiny 8'x10' second bedroom, with furniture already in there! (gonna be a little t... 
Tube amp newbie- where can I learn??
Thanks guys- I'l check it out. Whassup Dekay? Alright, alright:2 Golden Tube (completely modded) 7-watt 300B2 Altec 1570B monoblocks (re-built and modded from ground up- not by ME of course!!) ~165 wpc in triode.GTA's on highs; and Altecs on bass ... 
The Best Movie sound Tracks
'Brokedown Palace' (especially the track that's an alternative version to 'Rock the Casbah' by the Clash) 
racks and shelves
"we lived in a shoe box in the middle of the road" 
Candles are lit, lights are down low
Roxy Music- 'Avalon' 
Power Cord Review
Almost forgot- how about adding in the Coincident power cord? (~ $400??). All other Coincident cables are exellent. 
Power Cord Review
Ensemble Mega Powerflux (just under your $600 max criteria), and YES- definitely the Whale Elite (been waiting a long time for a good comparison review on that cord...). 
Theta VS EAD
I own the Dreadnaught (5 channel model)- fantastic SS amp (check Theta's website for re-printed reviews). The Dread does 2-channel with a finesse that I don't believe you will find in the Powermaster. However, if needs are HT only, then compare th... 
Amplifier Hum, and placement.
A headstone? Yikes!! My girlfriend is Chinese, and I believe that would be a no-no (hopefully you're not superstitious!). But seriously, I would e-mail Costa at Sim Audio before messing around with the W-5 (I think its, but ch... 
JPS Power Cords on Amps- who's using?
hmmmm.... interesting. Rev_Joe- were you using Kaptovator on SS or tube amp? 
Software to give woofers a work-out
That's an easy one- 'Sweetback' (self-titled- Sade's back-up band, and they only ever made one disc). Track 1- lowest bass notes I've ever heard- if that track doesn't get those woofers working, I don't know what will! Good luck. 
Surrounds don't need as much power
Cant' argue with that reasoning IF the speakers are much smaller. I use identical speakers for all 5 channels in my HT system (5 Totem Mani-2's), and drive them equally using the Theta Dreadnaught amp (400wpc into 4 ohms), which I have found to be...