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Anybody heard Reimer Teton speakers?
I have what is perhaps a naive question:Why wouldn't the 'standard' version of the Reimer speakers sound better than the GS version since the Standard version uses the more prestigious Morel drivers?Personally, when I think of HIVI Research, I thi... 
Center Channel Recomendations
Eminent Technology LFT-12 
Hsu Subs
A 250 watt amp is plenty.I bought the VTF-2 for both music and movies, if I had to do it all overagain I would have bought the 1220HO - which is what Hsu recommended. I don't believe the VTF-2 is all that for music. 
Budget DVD suggestions?
Sony DVP-NS755Reviewers said it gives 80% + of what their flagship player does at $1200 - get them used for under $200 
Denon 3805 can bi-amp itself?
Can this be done with all Denon 7.1 receivers? Or just the 3805?Or just the new Denons not older versions like the 3803?Like a lot of people, I have no interest in 7.1 only 5.1 surround but I would like to use the other two channels if possible. T... 
"Wife Friendly" full range speakers
In the spirit of full-disclosure I have a pair of Buggtussel Amygdala's in Cherry for sale on Videogon -- having said that, my girlfriend loves the way they look and sound, very appealing in a unique way.These were a close second in looks only to ... 
10 bit video dac VS 12 bit video dac
KennyTI would definitely like to get your opinion when you try the analog connection. ThanksSedona 
Best sub4k amplification and processing?
I've owned both Bel Canto and B&K and wouldn't hesitate to purchase any product from either company. Nad had quality control problems from what I've read - Arcam has a good rep.As far as receivers, the Denon models with dacs in dual-differenti... 
Upcoming universal player releases any new info?
I'm confused as to why the Onkyo sp 1000 is so much better in the video department than the Denon 2900 when they both use the Silicon Image 504 chip to process video?As for audio, it should sound better considering its twice the price of the Denon... 
which dvd player to use?
The Denon 1910 uses a less expensive Faoudja chip 2301 and the Denon 3910 uses the Faroudja 2310 chip -- in the DVD Benchmark shootout the Denon 3910 came out on top of all the dvd players that organization tested, and the 1910 came in about 20th. 
DVD players with best image quality?
I believe any of the Denon DVD Players that use the Silicon Image chip - such as the Denon 2200 and 2900, the more expensive 5900 also uses Silicon Image, as does the Camelot Roundtable (I think) that Fazoid mentioned. I believe the Arcam FMJ 27 u... 
M&K Owners Best amp for S-1C or S-125 $2000+/-
My brother has the M&K 750THX surround with the V-1250 sub and uses the Denon 3803 for processing and the Sherwood Newcastle AM-9080 five channel power amp. Extremely satisfied with the sound. 
Magnepan owner in Tampa/Orlando?
I certainly appreciate all the responses, however, it is almost impossible for me to get over to Fort Lauderdale -- if I somehow do manage to get to FT L, I know who to call. Once again I appreciate the advice.Thank You 
Any sonic benefits of bi-wiring speakers ?
The Audio Critic stated:"If you move one pair of speaker wires to the same terminals where the other pair is connected, absolutely nothing changes electrically. The law of physics that says so is called superposition principle. In terms of electro... 
help narrowing down my list of speakers, $2500
If you could get a pair of the Aerial Acoustics 7b's at your price I would jump on them.Also, Von Schweikert and Tyler Acoustics would be a good choice, among others.Best Regards