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Meadowlar Osprey...How does it sound???
I owned the Osprey's for two months before I sold them to a friend - he absolutely loves them. They probably weren't fully broke in as Meadowlark recommends a 300 hr break in period. If you don't listen to music very loud - it is probably a good s... 
PMC or M&K for Home Theatre
One of my brothers purchased the M&K 750 thx system with the 1250 sub and he absolutely loves it. He turned a two and a half car garage into a play room with a HDTV - he's using the Sherwood am9080 and matching processor and it absolutely shak... 
Von Schweikert VR2 or Soliloquy 6.3 ?
Thanks for the responsesI ended up ordering a new pair of the VR2's in African Hazlewood.Looking forward to getting them.Thanks 
Classic Rock Fans?
Would love to get my hands on early, early Bob Seger 2+2on Cd if anyone has a copy. 
Belles 250i
I wouldn't care how 'special' the xindak supposedly sounds - stay with American products. And Belles has a sterling reputation for sound and build quality. 
Buggtussel Solitarious vs Amygdala
I want to thank everyone for their response and comments - for many reasons to numerous to go into I purchased a pair of the Von Schweikert VR2's - should have them in a week or so - I think the only Buggtussel I would have been happy with would h... 
Buggtussel Solitarious vs Amygdala
I am not looking to 'feel the carpet shake' more importantly, I want a good blend so the bass doesn't overwhelm. I'm getting very close to the big 50 and find myself listening to more jazz and acoustical, and yet, I still occasionally fire up some... 
Bass of the Meadowlark Osprey
I want to thank everyone for their replies - I am playing my Osprey's at least four hrs a day and hoping that at some point the bass will start to fill - I kept my Hsu sub just in case!I owned the Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III and they had plenty of ...