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American made Subwoofer
I wish to thank everyone for their response, seems like a myriad of excellent choices.I came across this link and thought I'd throw it out there for comments. Especially for those of you that forgot more about this stuff than I know in totality. T... 
American made Subwoofer
Timrhu:The day I posted this thread, I spoke with someone at James and they said a little over a year ago they changed the supplier of their amps .... changing the source to China. A few seconds later after I specifically asked where they were mad... 
American made Subwoofer
I was set on the James EMB until I found out they are made in China. Apparently their other speakers are made in America, not their subs. 
Great -Small- Cheap subwoofer ?
I heard a demo for the James EMB1000 and thought it was excellent. It might be worth your time to investigate. 
Magnepan 1.6 and 3.6 replacements?
The reviewer of the recent Hi FI + review of the Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa's mentioned that he thought the Maggie line was somewhat outdated - with the exception of the 20.1 - the 20.1 being a push-pull design, the other models use single sided... 
Quad ESL 989 and Maggie 3.6s
Take a serious look at Eminent Technology - at less than half the price of the 3.6r's, I think the LFT-VIIIa would more than hold their 
Looking for 5.1 speakers for Denon AVR 3805
My brother uses a Denon 3803 with 5 M&K speakers and a M&Ksubwoofer and it sounds just fine in a 2 1/2 car garage he convertedinto a home theater/play room.Best of Luck 
ICEpower Digital Switching Amps?
No, I'm not limiting my question to ICEpower amps --- I was also interested in NuForce amps and any other amps, even pro audio amps, using new technology.thanks 
The difference between Magneplanar 3.5 & 3.6R
Before you plop down some cash on the Maggies, take a listen to Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa's -- they utilize double-sidedmagnets just like the Maggie flagship 20.1 --- the ET has beenvery favorably compared to the Maggie 3.6 even though the ETre... 
3 Channel Amp - 1 power supply?
The speakers will be a pair of Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa's (ET VI's?) with the LFT-12 center channel - Nordost SuperFlatLine MKII cables - a/v processor still to be chosen.Thanks in advance 
Can you ever go back and be happy?
I once owned the Innersound Eros MK II, absolutely loved everything about that speaker.......except the sweet spot was only about a foot wide......other than that I would still own them. I sold the Eros and purchased a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 G... 
Best planar, elctro......budget and room concerns
The Innersound and ET's are both excellent speakers, the downside to the Innersound is the Eros MkII has been discontinued for awhile and the sweet spot is only about a foot wide - not a good choice if more than one person is going to be listening... 
Maggies 3.6 vs 20.1
You might want to consider the Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIA.One AudiogoNer said he had the Maggie1.6's and then auditioned the ET's --he switched almost immediately and hasn't looked back. I believe someone else on AudiogoN favorably compared the ... 
Poor Man's "Super-Speaker" System
Doug,Thanks for sharing your thoughts - two pairs of the ET's with Vandy subs would be an ideal setup. I have to believe the ET's also sound incredible with movies. Congratulations on a great setup - and you did it all for under 2K!! 
Would you buy speakers with out first listening ?
I've purchased four different speakers without first listening to them -- all four were excellent, only sold them to try new and different speakers / system configurations.I would recommend a good amount of research before you purchase speakers.