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HP Caravelle Monitor V/S Manger Zerobox109
Also take a look at Buggtussel Cingulate monitor 
Seeking $15,000.00 speaker to replace Quad 988's
If you don't mind an extremely small sweat spot, take a look at Innersound Electrostats, I had Eros MK II and thought it was a great speaker, just not a feasible speaker for more than one person.Good Luck 
Seas' Thors kit up N runnin
I would appreciate a little more info:How difficult to assemble? Fit n' Finish?Can you compare them to other speakers you've owned?Any other comments you have I'm sure will be appreciated by others.Thanks 
Speakers for loud listening. really loud...
Probably too many to list, but here's a few in no order:Aerial Acoustics 7B, a pair just sold on the Gon for less than your target price. Von Schweikert Vr4 Gen III's, I own Source Technology 8.2DX and these puppies can handle up to 350 watts and ... 
Best used speaker for $2,000 for rock music
Source Technology has a new speaker - 8.3DX - that should fit your needs --- if there is no dealer in your area, you can purchase a new pair direct in your used price range.I own the 8.2DX and 90% of the music I listen to is Classic Rock and these... 
Green Mtn Europa vs. Von Schweikert VR1
There is a gentleman on Audioasylum that talked about owning a pair of the Europa's before switching to Source Technology 1.5wv -- he said the Source's were better in every way --- they cost half as much as the Europa's when purchased direct from ... 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
Semi: Quite an intelligent reply to Rob, I agree with you, I will not purchase products made in China for both quality and political reasons, mostly political the truth be told.And frankly, the folks at Von Schweikert can talk all they want about ... 
What sub do "U" use ?
I think the best value subs are those from HSU Research --- the Audio Critic said the VTF-2 was the best sub he's ever measured. I bought one and think its excellent, but only used it for movies not music. 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
To ELB:I once owned the Innersound Eros, big brother to Isis, keep in mind the sweat spot for the Innersound electrostats are about a foot wide. I kid you not. I also once owned Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III and thought they were great -- I'm sure th... 
Speakers to consider in the $2200 range
Take a look at VMPS and Source Technology ( would also try to find a used pair of Aerial Acoustics 7b, I've seen them priced in your range. 
How do you get to listen to high end speakers?
Let's see, you've spent $4000 at this store and they wouldn't let you listen to a pair of overpriced speakers for a few minutes? According to them the speakers were available to audition to potential buyers "only" How do they know what kind of mon... 
Recommend new floorstanding around $1500/pr please
Go take a look at Soliloquy on Audiogon, there is a pair of new "B' stock of 6.2's in Rosewood for $1250 - they received excellent reviews.OR........Send me an email, I can direct you to another source. 
Your ''best kept secret'' speaker choice ?
I would look at Source Technologies, the owner/designer John Sollecito was the "J" in JSE Engineering in the 80's, and he also developed the highly reviewed "Harmonic Recovery System" He's been building speakers for a solid 15 years - all price ra... 
Aerial 7B vs. Thiel 2.4
As to the above comment: I listened to the Thiels at a local high-end shop - I can't remember the associated equipment, but I have to believe the associated equipment would have been such that they were designed to put the Thiels in a good light. ... 
Aerial 7B vs. Thiel 2.4
I've heard the 7b and I believe the 2.4 and personally I would go with the Aerials. I found the Thiel's I listened to to be a bit too bright for my taste.