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Best M8080 NOS tube for CJ preamp line stage?
time for another replacement and this time I will try some cheaper nos RCA tubes just to see how they sound.Since the last discussion, I sold my CJ mf2250 for a JWN 90w per channel tube amp, upgraded from the rega dac to a Neko, and added a mac mi... 
Jitter Of New Mac Mini Optical Line Out Improved?
Well, that explains everything. I just got a new mac mini and I have it running wav files via audirvana plusinto a Neko DAC via toslink, and my system has never sounded so good. 
Conrad Johnson PV10A Mods/upgrades
Bob modded out my CJ MF2250 and it sounded much better. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to send my PV-15 to Bob or to CJ for the cap upgrades. Tough decision. Bob's version will no doubt be superior, but it will cost more as well. 
Headphones? Anyone?
I just got a pair of Shure SRH-1440's in the mail for $300. Return item, open box. What a deal!! I would agree with those who say this is a midrange-centric listening experience. The midrange is lush. The highs are extended without being harsh or ... 
Headphones? Anyone?
I have a pair of Grado RS2i's, which I really like. You can get a set used in the $300 range. The PS500 seems to be popular because it's a bit less bright than the Grado house sound, but you might not be able to get a used pair. The 225 seems to b... 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Has anyone listened to the M-Lore's with the cap upgrade? only $200, could be a great deal. 
Peachtree Nova Pre vs. Modwright SWL 9.0 SE
Jim Nicholls just built me a combo headphone-speaker amp at 15 w per channel. Price: $625. 
CJ PV-14L replacement tubes
I would stick with the CJ 8080's if I were you. They bought up a bunch of the NOS stock. The 8080 is a ruggerized military tube used in British walkie talkies. I have a pair in my CJ Pv-15. 
CJ PV-14L replacement tubes
Why don't you pull the tubes and let us know what kind they are, then we could offer suggestions. 
CJ PV-14L replacement tubes
Yes it is fairly straightforward, but you will need to pull the cover and ID the tubes for us. 
Revisiting Tube Recommendations for Cayin TA-30
You may want to try the NOS 6p3s-e tubes from Jim McShane. They are cheaper than the EH 6CA7's and sound better. 
Upscaling Speakers, Downscaling Amp...What to Do?
I second the jim nicholls, JWN amp advice. 
EL34 upgrade
In that case, you should be able to get a very, very good amplifier for around $1000. 
EL34 upgrade
Mikirob, Jim's amps are IMO one of the best values in audio. Send him an email, tell him what you are looking for, and he will give you a price. You will be very surprised at how reasonable and affordable his amps are. For example, I only paid $15... 
EL34 upgrade
Mikirob--I have a JWN amp built by Jim Nicholls. He has told me it is his best effort to date. Here is a review of his work.