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My DA-RMa's are impressing me more and more every day. Recently had a local audiobuddy over; his comment was that the DA-RMa's sounded so good it was almost like my prior spkrs (the Micro Utopias) were broken!!I've been rolling various power and p... 
David12,I listened for a while without my sub being switched on, and frankly didn't even realize it! Of course, once I turned it on I could tell it was contributing to the sound (remember I have it crossed over fairly low and with very little gain... 
OK, my DA-RMa's now have a good 2 weeks on them, probably a total of 150 hours or so. This isn't intended as an exhaustive review, just a quick addendum to my post above. In summary, I'm very pleased with their sound. I'm certain I don't have thin... 
Thanks Dodgealum :). My setup is as follows:MW Transporter for a digital front end, Cary SLI-80 integrated amp and a REL Strata III sub x'ed over at about 36 hz at the moment. I will probably be hooking up a solid state amp tomorrow evening so I'l... 
I just took delivery of my new ebonized walnut DA-RMa's this afternoon; Lou tells me they need another 70-100 hours to really sing at their best. After about 1 hour I'm really pleased with the sound, soundstage and imaging. These are replacing my ... 
Seeking a "high end" integrated amplifier
Accuphase; especially the Class A versions. 
12 Volt Trigger to Turn on Amps
That's it; I have one around somewhere but haven't located it. Glad I could help. 
12 Volt Trigger to Turn on Amps
check out products by Niles Audio--they have such units (can either use DC or line level signal to trigger); I purchased one some years back, but don't have the model #, etc. readily available. 
Tube Pre, HT Pass and Balanced Output
The BAT pres should fill the bill nicely--with BAT equip you can set a specific input to unity gain. 
best speakers for vocals?
My 2 favorites (and I own both, so my bias is clear), though very different are Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's (romantic), and JM Lab Micro Utopia (not as warm, but oh so refined and smooth). 
How to tame the midrange???
Just a heads up--I tried feeding the digital signal from my Cox Comm. (Sci. Atlanta hardware) digital cable box to my Metronome 24/96 Sig. DAC. Works fine on PCM signals BUT NOT when Music Choice channels are selected. So I can only guess that the... 
Q Bias for Cary SLI-80
Personally I liked the EL34's, biased higher (90 to 95), in my SLI-80. 
Best monitor speakers for Cary SLI-80
I'm driving my Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's with my SLI-80 with great results--I haven't heard the new SF Auditors, but the Cary was great with SF Concertinos as well. Unfortunately, going to have to sell the Cary because I can't do tubes anymor... 
New amp for SF Electra Amator II
Chuck, I've had the EA II's for about a 1.5 years now and love them. I've used Jeff Rowland's Concentra II integrated and the Jeff Rowland Model 112 solid state amps and thought each was a great match. About 1.5 months ago, I switched to the Cary ... 
Best SS integrated for Pro Ac Response 3.8
I sold Brian the Concentra II, and I have to chime in say that the Concentra II is one of the best amps (and preamps for that matter) I've ever heard!! It ran Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's in my system (maybe similar sound to the Proacs?) and it ...