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Best Hybrid Amps. Tube Solid state amp
I have the Llano Trinity 200 hybrid (upgrade from Proceed HPA-2), with BAT VK-30 pre and Wilson-Benesch Act One speakers (Muse 9 front end). I love the Llano--very musical, great detail and bass control. 
Best female vocals on CD
I like many of those already mentioned, but I have to add my favorite--Toni Braxton, any of her albums, latest "The Heat" is outstanding. (nice to look at and listen to!) 
Wilson Benesch ACT 1:component help
I bought the Act Ones 4 months ago (went from Thiel 3.6's, so we are similar). I was using a Proceed HPA-2 amp, which is good, but a month ago I purchased a Llano Design (Randy White) Trinity 200. This is his hybrid (tubed input stage, solid state... 
Levinson vs Threshold vs Plinius vs Bry
You might want to consider one of Randy White's new "hybrid" amps (Llano Designs--Trinity series). I've just received the 200wpc, which has a tubed "front end". So far I'm really enjoying its warm, rich, but amazingly detailed sound, and it contro...