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Analog vs PC
I believe Orepheus10 was trying to make a point that Analog cost alot more to work with compared to PC digital which I think we all do agree with that. I do like my PC Digital very much and I am squeezing everything out from my Logitech Touch late... 
Analog vs PC
I believe we should not be comparing analog and PC Audio for a few reasons especially when it comes to cost. I am very excited in upgrading my PC Audio since I have had drastic improvements comparing it to my reference Transport / DAC system. It c... 
Monarchy Audio DIP/Upsampler Combo
I am the one with the Chord 64 DAC, its not an upsampling DAC by the way. Probably have to try the DIP Combo and see how that works. 
Monarchy Audio DIP/Upsampler Combo
I am using a CHORD DAC 64?So this will definately benifit my Logitech Touch since my Chord 64 accepts 96khz. I always though newer dac's had all the jitter controlled necessary from the data the transport feeds.Might have to look into this. 
audio research dac 3 vs m-f trivista 21
I have had both and infact a few months ago, the ARC Dac 7 and the Trivista DAC side by side along with the Bryston DAC..I never wanted to compromise detail for any thing in the chain. The ARC is a wonderful product but after several a long listen... 
Dan D'Agostino is back with a new line
Made in the USA.I believe that was one of the big reasons for the change in management. 
Beatles Remasters on USB Drive and Vinyl
Transfered all FLAC and playing via my Logitec Duet through various DAC's including the Bryston BDA Dac and I also have the remastered LP and CD's that I have compared.I can easily live with the USB Apple remasters. The vinyl is still superior com... 
Logitech Touch vs Duet
Can you use the duet remote with the logitech touch unit? 
Wilson Sophia 3
Hi Ritmo,Friendly question to you, you said you detected coloration with some female voices on the Sophia's? Please eleborate if you could since I placed my Apogee Diva's which championed that department for decades aside acknowledging how well th... 
Recommend Spk cables for Apogee centaur ?
Symo and if you dont have the budget, Audioquest Clear is a nice match too 
Apogee Duetta vs Mangnepan 3.6r
There is NOTHING out there like a Full Range Ribbon Apogee!Many other full range ribbons designs come close but they are not the same. The three dimensionality, RESOLUTION, Transient respond and SPEED is a one of a kind breed when it comes to Apog... 
Richard Gray regenerators....
Many of them dont have a switch and if there is a switch its just for the LED on the front pannel and not the "system". Eitherway if its plugged in then its being powered. I called and found out too, thx 
Connectors that convert spades to bananas?
Well its a $5000 pair of speaker cables that is factory terminated so... kind a in a situation so might have to move it probably instead of getting smart knowing my abilities with soldering irons. Thx 
Connectors that convert spades to bananas?
Well my connectors will only accept spades and I have bananas. I need a spade connector that connectors to my speakers and will accept bananas plugs.Hope this is clear, sorry about that. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Apogee Grands, there is nothing like it!