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Anyone here using vintage speakers?
My secondary gameroom system has New Large Advents, with the improved tweeter and walnut cabinets. 
cd player to match Bryston B60 integrated
I used a Arcam FMJ-CD23 with my B60P. It was a good combo. I still continue to use the Arcam with my BP-20P & 3B-ST amps and Spendor SP 2/2 speakers. I use all Synergistic Research cabling in my system. 
Guitar player? , What model do you own or play?
I am a bass man. Yamaha BB 350 with a Peavey Basic 112, 50 watt amp. I jam with CD's and FM. 
Tivoli Radio???
I have a Model Two in my office. I purchased a Model One for my girlfriend's office. We both love the sound quality and the cherry wood cabinets. My boss has a Bose Wave in his office and my Tivoli smokes the Bose. He wants to buy a Tivoli.The Tiv... 
which power amp for KEF and Bryston preamp
I have a late model BP-20P, with the improved MPS-1 power supply and longer input and output jacks. I use it with a 3B-ST amp. Speakers are the Spendor SP 2/2. The roon is 17' X 14' X 8'. The sound quality is great. Solid, natual, and clear. I fee... 
Are Dual turntables any good?
Another belt-drive Dual to consider is the 1245. I owned one for a long time without any trouble. I used it with a Shure V15 III. I then progressed to the new AR table and then to a Sota Saphire III, which I still use today. 
Sony SCD1 Problem
Thanks everyone for their helpful replies. My friend has located the stabilizer disk. He had moved all of the equipment from his uncle's house and did not know that the disk was needed for the SCD1. He had it in his tool box!He did install it and ... 
How good is my amplification? Advice please.
I owned a B-60P for about 2 years, then upgraded to the 3B-ST and the new BP-20P with the upgraded power supply. It also has larger input and output jacks. More detail and more power with the new set-up. Also more money! But I like the ability to ... 
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
Sota turntables never die! I purchased a new Sota Saphire III, with the Reflex clamp in 1988. This past spring, I upgraded the arm to an Audioquest PT-9+ and a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. Kirk and Donna of Sota guided me in this direction ... 
Turntable stands
I have a Sota Saphire III and have had great results using a new Sound Organisation Z-545 rack. It is 28" high and has 3 adjustable shelves below the top shelf. These can be removed if necessary. I agree with TWL, that a suspended turntable works ... 
AV Racks. What difference does it make?
A High End audio system does not sound wonderful because it has "magical" speakers, the best tubed amps money can buy, or super expensive interconnects. Every small tweak from positioning and balancing the speakers, using special wall outlets, ded... 
What are your favorite web pages?
Another audio website is: I've bought and sold there before. Not really close to Audiogon's size or quality, but you may find a few componets of interest for sale. 
Synergistic Research question
Try calling SR on their 800#. Ask for Scott Novak. He is a gem, very freindly and knowledgeable about their products. If you give him the serial number that is printed on the cables, he can tell you when they were made and how old they are, as wel... 
Synergistic Research question
Try their website: 
PayPal Surcharge
I am a PayPal member. You can register yourself to receive payments into your checking account only. There is no 3% charge assesed to anyone. It is totally free. If you register to accept credit cards as payment, the 3% fees are then charged to th...