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Which Speaker cable works best with Levinson gear?
I just made a deal with someone on the audiogon for Nordost Valhalla speaker cable, just waiting for it to arrive. 
Sonus Faber Cremona Vs. Dynaudio Contour S3.4
I love the Dyns I have the Confidence 2s and before that the Contour 1.3SE and both of then IMHO give some of the best sound you will ever hear. 
Which speaker is better
The dynaudios have the best midrange around. 
Speaker to match Mark Levinson and Jeff Rowland
I have Dynaudio C2s with Levinson gear, and it sounds great. 
Which Speaker cable works best with Levinson gear?
I have been looking and reading about the Synergistic Designer's Resolution Reference, and at this time that one of my top picks. 
Best speaker match for Levinson system
With my system I am using Dynaudio C2s and the do make great music. I just replaced interconnects from Nortost SPM to the CZ Gels (Balance) and which made a BIG difference. I ‘m using Virtual Dynamics Nite PCs on my Pre Amp, amp and CD Player. The... 
Question for TRI-VISTA owners
I’m using a Virtual Dynamic Nite power cord on the one I have with a 20 Amp cord. 
Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista Owners Questions???
I had my Tri-Vista CD Player since April of this year; I bought it from Sound By Singer in New York. I was told then that it was best to just leave the unit on and that it would take anywhere from 300-500 hrs to break in. I stop hearing difference... 
Upgrading: What to use with Dynaudio 3.3's?
I'm using Mark Levinson 380s pre., and a Mark Levinson 23.5 Amp. with the ones i have and they make very good music IMO 
Question on Levinson 38S
I have the 380s and I can keep it on standby, but I always just leave it on. 
Mark Levinson 27.5 or 331 power amp?
Yes I did pick up the 23.5, and it sounds very good in my system. But I don't think I'm getting any deeper bass, but the bass is way more detailed and the overall sound is more layback at higher volumes which is a plus for me. 
Levinson 23 or 331 - which one would you take?
The 331 is just one generation up and it came out in 1995-1998 and is only 100 WPC, while the 23 came out in 1987-1990 and is 200 WPC. The other thing is what type of speakers do you have? Are they power hungry? If it were me I would take the 23, ... 
Opinions on Dynaudio Confidence C4
I heard the C4s at a show room and they sounded great. I picked up the C2s. about a month ago they sound good too. but not as dynamic as the C4s. I'm running them on a Mark Levinson 23.5, which is OK, but I know they can sound better with a newer ... 
Mark Levinson 27.5 or 331 power amp?
Hey Mstramafter talking with you and what you said you hear from the two amps. I think i'll shoot for the 23.5 i'm talking with a guy now about a deal. 
Mark Levinson 27.5 or 331 power amp?
But Mstram are you saying that the 23.5 and 27.5 are about the same as far as warmth and bass go, and you wouldn't upgrade to the 300 series? Also If you did upgrade to which levinson would up grade to?