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Should I upgrade my Levinson 38S preamp to 380S?
with the system you have you should move up to at lease 32. 
Levinson 23 or 23.5?
i don't think so, they have new amps to make money on. 
Best amp to use with ML Aeon i speakers ...
The Levinson amps are very neutral and impose no serious coloration upon the signal going through them. IMHO your problem may be with your front end, or maybe your speakers. 
Dynaudio Special 25 vs. Contour 1.3 SE
I also had the 1.3SEs and they are a very nice speaker, but like the person stated about you have to pull they out from the rear wall then babies need room to breath. I never heard the 25s, but I do now own the C2s, and I will have to agree with K... 
does high end system need expensive speaker cable
Just want to let you know about something that I went through when I purchased the Nordost SPMs for my system (interconnects & Speaker wire) and a thing sounded good, the soundstage opened up very nicely, the midrange was smooth and so open. A... 
wadia digimaster x-32 
BGW Amps?
I remember this back in the day 75-80 in the clubs, a lot of DJs used this amp. During that time this was the amp to have if you were a DJ. 
wadia digimaster x-32
I had to look for myself and double check the BNC connector, soundwatts and Ghostrider45 are right. that’s the other cable. Be advised that the Glass fiber Optic cable was an upgrade that Wadia offer after about a year after that DAC came out, and... 
wadia digimaster x-32
I have owned that DAC and its transport for 10 years and the best wire from the Transport to the DAC was AT&T glass fiber optic. Toslink would work also but not as well. And there was one more that would lock into the Transport like the fiber ... 
PLease advice on Trivista SACD vs. Audio Aero Cap
I never heard hear the Audio Aero, but I did own the Tri-Vista SACD Player and would say that it is a great CD Player with a sound stage and imaging that is full and deep. But like a fool I traded it for a Mark Levinson 390s, because I wanted some... 
Does the Mark Levinson 331 suck?
Walkingman you are right on I agree with you 100% 
Sonus Faber Cremona Vs. Dynaudio Contour S3.4
Hi I’m using ML gear 390s/380s/23.5 with Valhalla speaker cabling and CZ Gel interconnects and the sound is great on my Dynaudio C2s. not bright at all. I just purchase a 1-meter pair of Valhalla interconnect which were place between the CD Player... 
Levinson 23 or 23.5?
This is some additional information that I had found in an old Stereophile magazine, April 1992 Vol. 15 No. 4 Recommended Components A significant redesign of the original 23 has resulted in an altogether more musical-sounding amplifier, according... 
Levinson 23 or 23.5?
From what I remember the 23.5 go deeper into the bass and if course is the upgrade to the 23. 
New Buyer - speakers DynAudio Contour 1.1 or 1.3se
IMHO the 1.3SE is the only way to go. They have a great sound, but you will have to have an amp. That can drive them, and with a quality system you will get the most out of these speakers. Also these speakers do need room to breath.