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hi rez suggestions
My Tri-Vista, to my ears, has a very good soundstage and I would have to agree with the about statement by Prpixel. I also think that you would have to pay a lot more to get better Performance 
Curious about ML23.5/336
I have to agree with French fries about the soundstage and imaging as well. With the 432s imaging is way better which makes the sound stage more 3D, at least to my ears. 
Curious about ML23.5/336
I had the 27.5 and the 23.5 and just went up to the 432s for more power. However, the difference between the 23.5 and the 432s were small, at least to my ears. The 432s sound a little dryer or neutral may be a better word. The 23.5s a little more ... 
Best lines in a song
Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar PetersonBlues In The NightA woman’s a two face, a worrisome thing that would have you singing the blues in the night. 
140wpc into 8 ohms: enough for Contour 1.3SEs?
I used a Mark Levinson 27.5 which is 100 WPC and it sounded great. with the 1.3SEs 
Wadia 860, Levinson & Aero Cap Direct into Amp
I have to disagree with you RP1 I had the Tri-Vista SACD player in my system for about 4 months, then traded it for the 390s, and minutes after connecting it I realized that I made a BIG mistake. The 390s Compared to the Tri-vista sounded cold and... 
Best Sub with Dynaudio 1.3MKII's
REL Storm 3 
Best available Tube Dac around 3k
Tri-Vista 21 
Dynaudio S3.4
I have had the 1.3SE & presently have the C2s, I think Dynaudio speakers are the best. Very neutral sounding and the midrange can’t be touched. 
Musical Fidelity Turntable?
I was saving up for a VPI TNT or TNT Jr. but after seeing this boy o boy. this will be a big way for me to get back into turntables. 
Musical Fidelity Turntable? 
Best Speaker for audiophile-grade small room rig
I love the Dyns. 
Are today's interconnects really better?
Yes,big time. 
Add another sub or go with F30's?
I have own the REL Storm 111s and at first I had them placed between my two speakers, which at that time were the Dynaduio 1.3SEs, but when I change this up and moved the REL to the rear corner of the room the bass improvement was BIG. Also you wi... 
Dynaudio Special 25 vs. Contour 1.3 SE
the 1.3 SE play better at louder volumes also, if you are taking the C3s off you better take off the 1.3 SE also. but i notice that when i picked up the PS Audio power plant 600 all that stop, i don't know why but it did.