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To preamp or not to preamp. That is the question.
I initially did what you are considering when I set up a bedroom system, including using a Node.  I found the sound dull and lifeless.  After adding a preamp the system came to life.  So much better after inserting the preamp.  Regarding how much ... 
Pass Then vs. Pass Now
The 400a was a nice amp in its day.  I owned one for several years.  The newer Pass stuff (I've owned several) sounds much better.  Unless the 400 has been rebuilt, expect problems.  Mine was in the shop more often than not before I finally sold i... 
Fairly new Aurender user here.  Have the N200 in a speaker system and the N150 in a headphone system.  Use an Android phone in both with absolutely no problems.  Sound is glorious in both systems.  Could not be happier that I upgraded.  
Cable brands that work well with Cardas?
Been a while since I had Neutral Reference speaker cables but went from them to the Golden Reference and now the Clear.  I think you will find a significant improvement in the newer Clear line of cables.  That long a run is a tough nut to crack, b... 
Help with USB Cable Option
Jerry, interesting I had the same problem with my first Cardas cable.  No signal.  Put back a cheap printer cable and everything was fine.  Cardas overnighted a replacement that has worked fine ever since.  So seems like there maybe a quality cont... 
Equi=Core 1000
@stevebohnii - PM me please.  
Help with USB Cable Option
Tried the AQ Carbon,  Supra X and Cardas High Speed in addition to a couple of "printer" cables.  Supra is a good cable at its price point but ended up using the ( much more expensive) Cardas.  The Cardas seemed to eliminate any and all glare I go... 
Equi=Core 1000
@stevebohnii - thanks for your additional comments.  Interesting that you're getting more detail with the Equi=Core.  Seems like it is doing a better job than the Audioquest at lowering the noise floor.  6 oulets is all I need so would probably op... 
Equi=Core 1000
Got ya.  Looks like I confused the numbers too so added still more confusion.  Will be very interested in any additional comments.  
Equi=Core 1000
@stevebohnii  Considering the same two conditioners so very interested in your comments. I'm a bit confused by your timeline though.  You got the 1200 on 9/23 but it was not right so you exchanged it.  A day later you have the replacement unit and... 
Re-tip Ortofon Cadenza Bronze
Ortofon rebuilt my Bronze several years ago and it was better than new when it came back.  You have wonderful cartridge.  Unless you're looking for a different sound,  protect your investment when the time comes.  
Do fuses in Aurender n10 alter SQ?
Just realized the Clear Beyond is on the DAC.  N150 got a Clear.  Noticeable improvement still.  
Do fuses in Aurender n10 alter SQ?
I've found that the Aurenders seem to respond nicely to PC upgrades.  Currently using a Cardas Clear Beyond on a N150.  Noticable improvement over a couple of lesser PC's I've also tried.  Moguls could you provide a link to the fuses you're talkin... 
Schiit's solid-state 6SN7
Tried them a few years ago on my (original) Freya.  They sounded more like the SS setting than the tube setting with tubes, imo.  If you're after that "tube magic" stick with tubes.    
Interconnects - better before preamp or after preamp?
Done what you're asking on two different systems with different cables (Cardas and Analysis Plus) two times.  In both cases best results were with better cables from source to pre.