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Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
Try the "Early Russian" from Upscale.  Only 5 bucks more than Tung-Sol.  That's what I'm using in my Freya.  Provides a very nice improvement over the stock tube and the Tung-Sol. 
My impression of Pass Lab XP-10 (with respect to Conrad Johnson 17LS)
Not trying to spend your money, but some things may be simpler than you think :-). 
My impression of Pass Lab XP-10 (with respect to Conrad Johnson 17LS)
"but I don't think it will solve some of the 17LS weakness such as dynamic, bass, and linearity."Again try the Tele's.  They'll do just that. 
My impression of Pass Lab XP-10 (with respect to Conrad Johnson 17LS)
do yourself a favor and pick up some  MATSUSHITA / NATIONAL PCC88 / 7DJ8 tubes at Upscale Audio.  Any brightness you had in the Pr17 will be a distant memory.  Tonal qualities of the 17 will also improve significantly.  Depending on the grade the... 
Ethernet over power line adaptor
I used a Netgear Poweline 1200 from an outlet next to my router in the basement to an outlet on the 2nd floor next to my Node2.  After installing signal went from very week to very strong with no cutouts.   
Clearaudio Universal- anyone heard??
The Cadenza Bronze is a great cartridge.  A little bit of warmth with enough detail to satisfy but never fatiguing.  Sounds great on my Universal especially when compared to the Clarify arm that came with the table.  I had thought about using an O... 
Clearaudio Universal- anyone heard??
I don't know if you're aware of this but the VTA lifter is easily removed.  It's been a little while since I took mine off but if memory serves me correctly, it was a matter of loosening 1 or 2 set screws and sliding it off.  Using a Cadenza Bronz... 
Line Magnetic 518ia - How Much Heat Does It Produce?
The RM 10 is a wonderful amp.  I used to own two mk2's and powered both Quad 63's and Merlin's. I think you'll  find it to be very different than the 518 though. It's much more transparent.  But holy cow, whats happened to the pricing at Music Ref... 
Pass INT-30 or INT-60
I've owned both and prefer the 60, which I still own.  They are both great amps though.  I don't believe the 30 will be enough power for your Harbeth's unless they are used for low-level listening only.  They fell a little short on my Merlin's tha... 
Bluesound Node 2
I also use a Node 2 as an only source in a bedroom system to stream Tidal (MQA whenever available) directly to my amp from my router.  Same or similar setup as the OP appears to use.  I too am extremely impressed.  SQ is better than streaming thro... 
email a'gon
Thanks, but can't use "contact us" as they tell me my email address is invalid even though i'm using the same email the system uses on my personal information page.  Hoping someone from A'gon will respond.  Ultimately i'm trying to recover or chan... 
email a'gon
How do I recover my current password? 
Best KEF LS50 Wireless connection to Node2?
  I just bought a Node 2 and haven't listened to a record since.  I'm sure my records won't gather dust for long but it sure is nice to have both. 
Past and Present Totem Arro Owners: Favorite Integrated?
Used Plinius with Model One and Mani.  But listened using Arro's numerous times.  I think you'll be very happy.  As a matter of fact I'm thinking about the combo right now for a bedroom system. 
Past and Present Totem Arro Owners: Favorite Integrated?
Plinius is a very nice match for the Totems.  Not sure if you can find the 9200 for under $2k but the 8200 runs a close second.  Both have phono and occasionally come up on A'gon.