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Tannoy anyone? Cheviot Legacy vs. Stirling GR
@ leotis - thinking about the Cheviot in my 12x22 room driven by my INT60.  I'm a little confused by your statement that they were "too large for the spot" but not too large for your 17x25 room?  Could you clarify? @budburma - did the speakers fi... 
Aurender N200
@sdw I'll be curious what you think.  I just bought the N200 for one of my speaker systems and then ended up buying the N150 for a headphone system too.  Systems are in different houses so no way for me to easily compare anytime soon.  Anxious to ... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
Finally an opinion we can all (well mostly all) agree with.  Hopefully we can now shut this fool up.    
Advice for Streaming Newbies - Best Bang for Our Bucks
The purpose of my post was not to criticize but rather to make a general statement based on my own personal experiences. That is sometimes you can only improve performance so far and that same money can be better spent by upgrading the component r... 
Advice for Streaming Newbies - Best Bang for Our Bucks
Actually you do need to spend thousands to get the BEST out of Tidal.  What's good enough for you, well that's a different story entirely You're obviously a tweeker, which when done the right way can yield good results.  Personally I'd start looki... 
Conrad Johnson MF2250A vs CJ MF2275SE
I owned the CA150SE and still own the 2250A so not exactly the comparison you're looking for but very close The teflon caps in the SE are a nice improvement over the "standard" versions of the CJ amps.  More transparency and better tonality is wh... 
Aurender N200
Congrats.  I'm sure you will not be disappointed.  Getting ready to pull the trigger myself.  
Aurender N200
Dave and Troy spell check is your friend :-)  
Aurender N200
Oddiofyl we seem to be in almost identical situations.  I too have a very resolving system with the streamer (Node) currently the weak link.  I'm also seriously considering the N200.  Coincidently I'm one of the two people Juan mentions above.  If... 
How to connect my Cell Phone to my DAC?!?!
Can you plug the DAC into the Hegal to be sure the DAC works.  If yes and it works (produces sound through the Hegal) the problem appears to be in your other amp.  
Power cords or power conditioner
2 1/2' off the front wall may not do it.  I'd try moving your chair back and moving your speakers out more from the front wall.  I had a similar problem and this helped soundstage depth for me.  Nice system btw.  
Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
Just like in real estate its location,  location, location, in analog its set up, set up, set up.  If its not set up correctly and yes small differences matter, the quality of the equipment will not shine through.  I agree that you need the equipm... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
The facts as I see them are most here would like you (you know who you are) to stop blabbering.   
Why not?
Audio Note for one.  
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
@pstores you've evaluated these amps exactly the same way they were just described to me by an AS dealer.  "They sound just like the S-60's above the bass"  I'm currently using the MP-3 + S-30 in one of my systems and Pass in another, so you've pr...