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ProAc D28 vs Usher Dancer Mini 2
Nice "looking" speakers but if you do a little research I seriously doubt they're using berylium OR diamond drivers given pricing I've seenSmells to me more like the HD Radio advertizing which some may think to be High Definition rather than Hybri... 
Has anyone listen to the new wadia 381
from my experience as a 381 owner I recommend you make sure the unit has at least 400 hours before critical listening as this player undergoes a drastic transformation 
ps audio perfect wave transport
Sns-I'm not the most educated on this topic but if you're feeding a bit-perfect signal over coaxial or AES/EBU to a DAC which buffers the data (ignoring the incoming clock) then reassigning a new clock signal prior to any upsampling or filtration.... 
Mc501 and Powerguard--Have you activated it??
What binding posts are you using? If you have the speakers hooked to an impedance than higher you will overheat and the sentry will shut it down. 
Designer Hall of Fame
CTCCurl, Thompson and Crumb 
the best CD player between 6'000 - 10'000 $ ?
Cary SACD 306 Professional!Check out the write up in the latest issue of Stereophile.That or McIntosh MCD500 if you don't have any/many HDCD disks 
McIntosh MCD500 vs Marantz SA7S1
Dealer just called to tell me it's in.Going in this weekend to give a listen 
McIntosh MCD500 vs Marantz SA7S1
The MCD500 is still on order with no definite ship date... 
McIntosh MCD500 vs Marantz SA7S1
I am in the market for a new CDP and want something with a preamp section so I can eliminate one piece of gear from the system. Since I already have McIntosh monoblocks I am looking at either the MCD500 or using a lesser transport with a MDA1000 D... 
Amp Config for B&W 802D's
MC501 Monoblocks definately!!! one of the cheaper options out there and marvelous sound. 
Calling Thiel Owners: MC501s to drive CS3.7?
Thanks Guys! I'm getting a pair of CS7.2s instead 
Calling Thiel Owners: MC501s to drive CS3.7?
Chuck...I think the reason I have that impression is they were run off the first generation Classe monoblocks (which were quite bland compared to Mac to my ears) & the source was a mid line Rotel CDP. 
Which amp, preamp would match B&W 803S?
I've been running 803S'sssss for many years and started out with the Big Rotel 1090 (380wpc & 80A peak) with same 1070 preamp.MSRP on the 1090 was $1999 back in 02-03(?) and I don't think they produce it anymore so you'd have to watch the clas... 
Room size for B&W 802D???
Audphile1-I'll be sure to leave the casters on for the first few months so I can adjust them solo! haha 
Room size for B&W 802D???
...McIntosh MC501 monoblocks