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Subwoofer for two channel system
I was going down this path at one point, but decided against it. Subwoofer integration is *very* difficult from talking to two people I've spoken to. A friend of mine has the TacT 2.2 and he's integrated a Rel into his Sonus Faber Signum setup. Th... 
Have you heard the new Zanden digital gear?
Dependability is not an issue. Unless I don't understand the question? I change the tubes myself, simply open it up and swap them out. The low output voltage doesn't make a difference in my system, but then again, I have a pre-amp. Perhaps the low... 
Have you heard the new Zanden digital gear?
47 Labs Flatfish used as a transport. 
Have you heard the new Zanden digital gear?
I spent some time in the Zanden room at HE2004, I thought the speakers were the weakest link in that setup. I brought my favorite test disc along for the ride, and even the guy in the room wanted to take my disc off the system. It just couldn't ha... 
EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS
I'm curious to hear your thoughts if you did listen to the Zanden dac vs the DCC2? 
New York City,,,,hello
I went to The Container Store on 6th av and 19th st and bought everything I needed (including foam corner pads) for about $20-$30 if I remember...It was nice, everything you need. Check out their website for prices and products.(no affiliation her... 
Berning ZH 270 and Power conditioning
Has anyone tried the Shunyata Hydra? 
Berning ZH270 Tweaks
I have a stock ZH class of 02, getting a set of Herbie's Hal-O tube dampers tightened up the focus quite a bit for me. Then I got an in home trial of the Symposium Ultra shelf with a set of Rollerblocks, and this combo was well worth the cost. The... 
To preamp or not to preamp?
I was using a passive pre for 4 months, I was really happy. Then I tried a tubed pre to see what I was missing. There's no going back for me, the difference was very prominent. With the passive pre, the sounds was very detailed, but it sounded thi... 
Review: Emm Labs DCC2 DA converter
Does the DCC2 DA have an input for an external word clock like the DAC6?