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Shelter 501 II owners: how long is the break-in?
So give us the blow by blow...please. :) 
High Definition Radio
I spoke to someone at DaySequerra asking them about the digital out, he says the HDRadio broadcasts in 44.1 kHz. That's cool, you can plug it into your digital front end. I just hope we're still going to beable to hear the transparency a good anal... 
Before you dive into the 'line conditioning' game, may I ask what kind of power cords you are using? I tried the Blue Circle 1200 and didn't like what it did to my amp (dynamics were hindered) so I didn't go for it.I've achieved outstanding result... 
Which of your component purchases was "magical"?
The Audio Research CD-3 mk1 was my first high end cdp. Wow, that was quite a treat. How ever, the 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression/Dumpty was in another world for me. More body, more fullness to the sound, and separation. The ARC had the base and what... 
Computer to Intergraded amp hookup
For wireless, check out the Squeezbox. I hear nothing but goood things about this product...not sure about the wireless connection though. 
Headphones powered by a preamp output?
Thanks for the information. So a headphone amp is the way to go.I'm interested in a Stax setup that has balanced inputs and uses tubes. Does anyone have any experience with Stax? 
Anyone Using XM or Sirius On Their System?
Another alternative is Music Choice on digital cable (Time Warner for me). No commercials and the sound is quite good. 
Phono Pre-amp for Analog Newbie
One way to approach the cartridge thing when starting out (like what I'm doing right now) is to find a basic good cartridge that every one can agree is the best bang for the buck, and go from there. In my case, I'm starting out with the Denon DL-1... 
Tube amp to match sensitive Living Voice Speakers
Audionote, Welbourne Labs, Audio Consulting those are some kits that I'm considering. I've heard that Audionote is going to have a parallel 300B kit soon.This is probably going to be a project planned for the fall. 
Cassette Recorder replacement?
While I'm on this kick, who preferred DBX over Dolby? 
Tube amp to match sensitive Living Voice Speakers
I'm doing great with the OBX2 and the Berning ZH270. I would like to try a good SET sometime. 
Has anyone listened to the Grado Statement ?
I'm starting out with the straight DL-103. Not sure where I'm going... 
Looking for opinion, Cary 303/300, thinking about
I listened to the 303/200 and compared that to the ARC CD-3 several years ago. I didn't buy into the upsampling bit, I thought the Audio Research sounded better directly compared to the Cary. I lived with the Audio Research CD-3 for about a year a... 
Please recommend a good Tube preamp.
Emotive AudioI've been living with the Poeta for a year and a half, very pleased with it. It would be nice to have a remote control, but that's a tall order for a preamp of this quality/price point. 
Very Small Desktop Speakers
Acoustic Enerty AEGO speakers sound really nice for tiny speakers. Very smooth and unfatiguing from what I remember. I saw them in Sound By Singer several years ago setup with a Loewe Aconda TV up front. I wasn't looking at the TV or the speakers,...