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Hooverphonic anyone?
One of my audiophile buds introduced me to Hooverphonic back in 2000. A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular was our test disc we brought to the HE2001 show in NYC. Much time was spent listening to the 47 Labs gear with that disc. They were driving ... 
Better sound with cable box or Squeezebox Duet?
I use to have Time Warner Cable through a Scientific Atlantic HD8300 DVR using the optical TOSLINK with a glass cable connected to an Apogee BigBen digital clock, which would feed my Zanden DAC.I also had a SqueezeBox connected to the BigBen clock... 
Computer speakers?
I'm actually very happy with my BM5 with out the sub, although it would be tempting. 
Computer speakers?
Dynaudio BM 9S for the matching sub. 
Computer speakers?
Dynaudio BM5A pro audio speakers. 
Best Cartridges for the Money You've Experienced
I concur with Paul above, just installed my ebony head shell on my 103r this evening, completely changed the 103r, gone are all the bad points that were irritating. In retrospect, the 103r is a terrible sounding cartridge in stock form.This is a t... 
Are modern speakers better than old speakers?
Shadorne, yes, good clarification, MDF with a wood veneer. 
Are modern speakers better than old speakers?
I went from a traditional wood box to a composite material box. I don't think I would go back to a wood box anymore.I went through a phase where I was auditioning electrostatics and ribbon type of speakers. From that point on, I was very sensitive... 
Magnetization & Demagnetization any conclusions?
I can vouch for the DVD playback. I use my RD-2 for ever DVD that goes into my DVD player. The picture has color becomes much cleaner/less noise if you will.Bulk erasers was such the item to have during the tape days. Imagine stumbling upon that a... 
Top Speakers for Nearfield Listening in Small Room
Rlawry, I've been wondering what the Watt/Puppies would be like in a small room?I currently enjoying the Duettes. The cable/resistor package allows the Duettes to become less affected by surroundings at the expense of the 'size' of the presentatio... 
Who has the best plasma monitor these days
exactly Mrjstark! Kuro is king. 
Best 27' speaker stands?
Check out Anvil from the UK 
Speaker recommendations specifically for Lamm ML2
Thanks guys, you've given me great alternatives to think about. Exactly what I was looking for. 
Cost no Object but Small Room
I remember seeing some of Alon Wolf's designs sold on here several years ago. I wondered who he was, and now he has the hottest speaker on the market...funny how things turn out. 
Cost no Object but Small Room
Jim:I remember starting out down the path of a serious CD player, Metronome was always at the top of my short list, but at the time, no one in my area even heard of it.I have to remained focused here, speakers in small rooms is what I'm really cur...