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Freak Me Out
Massive Attack "No Protection" remixed by The Mad ProfessorNatacha Atlas "Diaspora"Mino Cinelu "S/T"Midival Punditz "S/T"Robert Miles "Organik" and "Organik Remixes"ET 
Nitin Sawhney
Yes I can. Great stuff, I do prefer his more ethnic, heavy beat stuff myself. He's played with a lot of different musicians. His stuff shows up on various samplers all the time. ET 
Bi-wire v's single with jumper leads.
Bi-wire by a mile here.....your results may vary. Maybe my supplied jumpers were inferior,I don't know. My "theory" is the LF and HF present two different loads in terms of impedance and frequency and having two sets of cables to carry these separ... 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
preamp output impedance - could it be too low ?
I had a low Z cathode follower (CJ) and felt like it added to the noise floor too much. The linestage had 27db gain and my amp was 100K input impedance and 1V for full output. ET 
Is your image centred?
You should test for a properly centered image with a mono recording ET 
Hearing Loss & Equalization
Thanks Swamp. I'm sorry I can't answer that other than to say it's got to be 1 percent of them at best. Audiophiles with a little computer smarts and the interface device needed between the PC and the aids (called a HI-PRO) could adjust aids thems... 
Hearing Loss & Equalization
oh and use the phones less! They'll continue to worsen your hearing at an accelerated rate. Keep the volume as low as you can when you do use them. ET 
Hearing Loss & Equalization
As a hearing aid provider for several years I will say your loss looks noise induced. When noise is the culprit we find the lowest response point at the ears natural resonant frequency of 3K. It varies based on ear size shape but is usually 2.7-3K... 
power protection
I've always benefited from regeneration for sources (PS Audio P-300) and I use a Richard Gray 600 (choke)for everything else. Both of these make marked improvements in sound especially with image and soundstage. I also made large improvements with... 
Passive subwoofer...huh???
Specs from their site:System Type: Non-powered Subwoofer Frequency Response: 30Hz-200Hz (±3dB) Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter) Recommended Power: 100 - 200 Watts Drive Units: (1) 10" (254mm) Aluminum Cone Subwoofer Crossover Frequency: N/A Cro... 
Idiotic Vertical Biamping Question
Nice post Aball.....I have heard those things and did try both ways and preferred horizontal for image. ET 
Idiotic Vertical Biamping Question
""Sorry Arthur but Descartes proved you wrong a long time ago, "I think therefore I amp"!""Why you! You missed me! Nyuk nyuk nyuk! ET 
AC Power Between Amp and Preamp
I had a CJ preamp with outlets, one switched the others always on. Not only did equipment sound better when it was not plugged into it but the preamp sounded better when those outlets were disconnected internally. ET 
Idiotic Vertical Biamping Question
I tried vertical and horizontal bi-amp and preferred horizontal. My amps are CJ made in the same building as yours. Don't bridge. As to your scenario the amp doesn't know or care what it's sending in terms of L/R. It's up to you to put the correct...