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Gas or Charcoal
"Real" Charcoal, not those petroleum filled, machine made briquettes! I was at a friends and he had a Webber kettle that has a propane burner to start the charcoal. That was pretty neat and not expensive. ET 
Which cables and ics allow the biggest soundstage?
I too like solid cables and unshielded as well. I'm geographically in a great place to utilize unshielded. No cable, no cell service, 20 miles to the closest RF antenna. I have no noise issues with them. My power cords, interconnects and speaker w... 
Use computer UPS to power source, good idea?
They're really good for TV's that have a bulb cool down cycle. ET 
Damaged Dome Mid-Range
"A local dealer suggested that the Denon didn't clip, but sent pure voltage to the speaker and that is what damaged the driver.'well that's kinda properly stated. When an amp clips it sends DC to the voice coil which can burn it over time.....that... 
NAD C372 & Gallo Ref 3.1
I don't think you can do better for the money. I didn't see the "for the money" aspect in your post. I only saw "can it drive them". It can. Other things can do better. ET 
NAD C372 & Gallo Ref 3.1
Hey RL..........I think that NAD is a good product. I too owned them in the past. But "strong, ballsy" is a bit much. Amps that are ballsy double their RMS power from 8 to 4 ohms and then again at 2 ohms. The NAD doesn't come close. Note the specs... 
Treatments or therapy - what on earth.. funny
Well, lots of small caps charge and discharge quicker than a few big ones....... ET 
room treatment effectiveness
I went the DIY route and I am very satisfied. I used Jon Risch's recipes on his site. The biggest improvement was in imaging and it was huge. I also treated my cathedral ceiling and that was huge. I have 7- 18" diameter 4' tall bass traps in corne... 
My MF tri-vista sacd broke
OK so it's not the power supply. I would open it up and see if anythings out of place connector wise and make sure the sled and transport look right. Once mine would not read anything, just four dashes on the display (I think). I just moved the la... 
My MF tri-vista sacd broke
What's wrong? Doesn't do anything? Nothing lights up? (including feet) The TriVista has several power supplies, not one. Does the power switch feel "right"? I plug mine into a P-300 regenerator for its sound improvement and AC line protection. The... 
Good sounding 70's live LPs...
Wally Heider recordings are very good. Marshall Tuckers two live sides from "Where We All Belong" are excellent. So is the music. Way more rock/jammed out tunes averaging 10 minutes long. Brand X "Livestock" is good as mentioned above. Kenwood Den... 
Cary 306 SACD: Open the cover
That's why the 306 Pro has a totally different door setup. My friend who has one really dislikes the drawer, his only complaint of the player. I wouldn't take it apart. I would hit eject and try and "help" the door open. Finesse not power! ET 
Anti-Cable IC's
I love them. Biggest soundstage I've had w/any interconnect and I tried a lot. Very nice top end w/ no edge. The only silver cable I've had that was this way. I'm a fan of unshielded cables. Their best is not listed on the site. It's bare silver w... 
Review: Playback Designs MPS-5 CD Player
I notice its a 110V unit not a 120...... ET 
To biwire or not to biwire, that is the question??
Try bi-wire. Remove the jumpers on the speakers. Listen and tell us what you hear. I heard a large improvement. You won't know unless you try. ET