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Repairing older amps
I like CJ support. They fix all their stuff. I had a crackle in one channel of an MF-2500 in 2006. They quoted $84 parts/labor for the repair (bad cap) I got a price quote at the same time to upgrade it to a 2500A and they said they would waive th... 
Internet Radio: Audiophile or no?
Yes, selection but not sound quality really.....yet. There is hope for the future. ET 
Power Cord...16 ft
Richard Gray will custom make to any length I think. Yep, here's the link that says so.http://www.richardgrayspowercompany.com/products.aspx?type=accessories 
Larry Coryell at Jazz Showcase in Chicago
chas, wanna borrow my shovel? ET 
Legacy Focus HDs
I agree that the 20/20's weren't harsh, but neutral and leaned slightly warm if anything. Hifiman should look at "other things". ET 
Overall opinions on Harman Kardon
I'll take Citation tube stuff you can have ALL the rest. ET 
What connectors for DIY cable?
As usual you've been let down by the Shacks uneducated staff. Their advertising claim: "You've got questions, we've got answers" is seldom true as you found out. When shopping the shack you need to look at the catalog (do they still have one?) or ... 
Larry Coryell at Jazz Showcase in Chicago
Chashmal What a horrible and judgmental post. Larry has been mostly acoustic for a long time. Has been doing his nice arrangement of Bolero for a long time. Some of the fusion was good and a lot of it sucked. His son is a great player too. The thi... 
The future of my hearing
Buconero117 You make some good points but hearing loss does take away to varying degrees. I have a very close friend I fitted. He was on NPR for 35 years and has written liner notes on hundreds of classical albums. Music is his life. While I did a... 
The future of my hearing
Dbphd Actually the notch is usually between 2.7-3K which is the resonant frequency of the outer ear/canal combination. When testing anyone who had a lot of noise exposure (often military) they had that notch as the low point of their response grap... 
The future of my hearing
Ele -make sure he keeps the volume as low as possible. Cans can really accelerate his loss if misused. ET 
ICs with great natural sounding highs?
Anticables and other non-shielded IC designs sound best to my ears in the HF. ET 
cable doubter no more
Viridian I'm always amused by your posts in this thread. ET 
wireless connection to portable speakers or phones
These guys are the best as I see it. Three models; 1 w/line out (no amp) and 2 w/speaker out (amplified) http://www.amphony.com/products/tfeatures.htm 
Please recommend hearing protection
Musicians ear plugs are the best- available with 9,15 or 25db of attenuation they have a small metal chamber down the middle to allow HF and therefore have a much flatter response. Typical earplugs block the ear canal and kill the highs. They are ...