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Zappa Fans
Oh well, too far away.....I got to meet Ike Willis once on the Project Object tour. My friends band opened for them so I was back stage and their bass player asked if I had met Ike yet and I said to Ike....."No...ah, not yet. Is this him? "I love ... 
New owner of used Cary 306 SACD
Del- you have indeed done well. It is a great player. I was grateful to have the chance to try out a 306. I would give it a try with a passive linestage if I were you. It certainly has the balls for it! ET 
New owner of used Cary 306 SACD
I had a friend selling his 306 and could get it for a great price. I wanted it bad. Doing an A/B comparison with my Trivista SACD made me pass on it. It has even more output at a lower impedance than my Trivista which is nice in my passive setup. ... 
Connecting my turntable to Quad 12L Active speaker
It will work ET 
Passive preamp users help with McCormack Passive’s
Well, that can happen with a pot. Consider a resistor ladder like CJ and McCormack now uses in a Placette passive, Also try horizontal bi-amp. I found it better than vertical in my bi-amp setup. ET 
New miles davis cd.... wow
I was always surprised how many used this disc for demo of new gear when I was a dealer. Great music, pretty groundbreaking for the time but a mediocre recording. Take an Al Hirt "Live at Dan's Pier" from 58 or 59 the same period as KOB and it jus... 
Basic Question about Power Cables
Look where the IEC is on the amp and it will tell you its AC power consumption in watts. To put that number into amps do this easy math: Power in watts divided by 120 = power in amps. Also like Jim said If you have a 15A IEC you'll have vetrical b... 
Autos with stock awsome sound systems; Recomend?
Well, few OEM's are "calibrated". Bose had a little speaker/enclosure with an amp inside and EQ circuit in it that was "set" for the particular car. This is not the biggest issue. A good shop will look at this and should have a spectrum analyzer. ... 
Autos with stock awsome sound systems; Recomend?
Buy the car you like and then improve the sound system if needed. Typically head units are pretty good these days. The weakness is amplification and speakers/sub. Find a good Car Stereo shop and buy some good components and have them put in. Even ... 
New to Analog and just played my first record in
I agree with Rushton, listen to a good setup. Then check the cart under a microscope and make sure its good. The canilever suspension can go on old B&O carts so maybe a Soundsmith rebuild or replacement is in order. Definitely a phono pre upgr... 
Directv music channel versus AM/FM Tuner ?
I will say that XM is a lot better via DirecTV than through a satellite radio either car or home style. I had the free trial in my Honda and music was bad and talk, done at an even lower sampling rate, was worse. I would have liked to have the var... 
Attn: Speaker DIY expert
Watch out with inductor replacement. They will likely have a different DCR which can have a negative affect. Stick to caps and resistors. A good mid budget upgrade might use Mills resistors and Sonicaps. It's always a little tough to find exact ca... 
LCD TV - Are they reliable ?
oh and since they have a cool down cycle connecting it to a UPS is a good idea. ET 
LCD TV - Are they reliable ?
five problem free years here with an Hitachi 42". Odd story: I bought the demo from Sears and when the employee unplugged it she got a shock and was thrown to the floor. She was OK. ET 
20amp cord
When I sold the Grays the rep said plug your gear into the wall not the Gray, especially if you have a high power amp or anything else that draws a lot of current. ET