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The Kind Leading the Blind
Howard: Thanks for the follow up and great ending to a good story. Glad you got the phono section in and can play your vinyl. Enjoy! ET 
Can I replace/repair a Phillips SACD transport?
2008 hasn't been my year. Just a few hours after my post above I went to listen to music on my Trivista and it didn't get through a whole disc. (add expletives)I will never bother to knock on wood again! I took off the cover and laser cover which ... 
Can a fuse affect sound quality in my Classe Amps
There are audiophile grade fuses, Cryo'ed fuses and sand filled fuses. You will hear a lot of differing opinions from others about them. I tried Cryo'ed and didn't hear any difference. ET 
Reason for buying old/classic turntables
My take is that the turntables of old can be good but not so much the tonearms and their old wiring. I would be happy with a Thorens TD125 cleaned up with isolation reinforcement and a good Rega arm. This could be done for well under $1K. If money... 
Can I replace/repair a Phillips SACD transport?
GTfour45 has it right. I have a still working (knocking on wood) Trivista SACD from Jan 2003 when I was a dealer. Phillips did hose them. MF did offer an exchange or paid upgrade depending on age. I think its too late now.I would pop the cover and... 
Help for a blind audiophile
I'm 100 miles west of DC if that helps. Also you can send it to me and I will do it for free. You pay shipping. ET 
Using CD player without Preamp?
either way (digital or analog) it is compromised. Especially if digital as Kal said. However that compromise, whichever it is, may still be better than the preamp you had before going direct. Full output with internals in the Phillips bypassed and... 
New Magnepan
OK I will go out on a limb- the new model has an integrated sub with its own amp.....Avant Maggie. OK don't kill the messenger. ET 
Using 2 integrateds to bi-amp?
Yes, use tape out on the Jolida. Tape out is "fixed" meaning regardless of where the volume is set on the Jolida the level coming out of the tape out is the same. This way it doesn't affect the volume on the other amp. It will work fine and as you... 
Just got an ipod, now what?
install their software and learn to use ituse lossless codecs onlyGet used to using it and then do your LP's laterEncode a favorite song as an MP3 so you can see how bad they sound.Get better headphones or ear buds for it.Good luck ET 
Telephones for Audiophiles?
The old 3 watt analog phones of the 80's sounded better for sure. They dropped out as much or more because there were far less cell repeater towers then. Phones now are only 600mw. The digital sampling rate is so low thus the crappy sound. No phon... 
Using 2 integrateds to bi-amp?
Sorry but I only read all your follow ups after I my first post. Yes go horizontal and use the tube integrated as "A" in my first post and use the tape out to the other amp. Tubes on the HF, SS on the LF. Don't worry about the SPL thing, adjust it... 
Using 2 integrateds to bi-amp?
We need more info. Same amps? Different? Which ones? I would go to Integrated "A" with all sources then line out (fixed tape out not variable preout) to Integrated "B". Integrated A = the one with a better sounding preamp section if A/B are differ... 
Recommendations for solid core speaker wiring?
Another Speltz votewww.anticables.com 
Rain-X as CD Enhancement Treatment
Actually Rain-X was developed for use on jet windshields which are not glass but a thick plastic right? ET