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Amplification: what are the biggest advances of the last 40 years?
Class D for sure. I use avant garde class D in both my systems but I confess to tempering both with tube preamps. 
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
Up until recently my DAC was the least costly component in all my systems. In quick succession I made several DAC upgrades each costing approximately 2x the previous.  Unfortunately, in my specific example the differences were minimal if any.  IT ... 
Recommendation for amp
PS Audio Sprout or Peachtree Nova 150.  I used the Peachtree for several years before upgrading to seperates.  Highly recommend.  Haven't used the Sprout but heard very good things about it. 
Best sub for music,
My approach with subs has always been "keep it simple".  I start with one and place it, walking the tightrope of performance vs permissible location. I throw on some bass heavy tracks and query A) Does it sound good? B) Can I locate the sub? If th... 
Best Integrated Amp (for me)
Have a look at a Peachtree Audio Nova 150. You should be able to pick one up used within your budget.  I drove my LS50s with one for several years, before I upgraded to separates (Purifi based amp, paired with a Schiit tube preamp).  
What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???
I've been toying with the idea of investing in an R2R DAC.  Specifically the Denafrips Pontus II.  I haven't pulled the trigger because I'm fairly confident it wont be a order of magnitude improvement over my current Gustard X16.  I'm keeping and ... 
Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
I use a  ICEedge 1200AS2 based amp in my main system and a Purifi Audio 1ET400A amp in my bedroom system.  Both are tempered by tube preamps and I have absolutely no complaints.  I live in the Caribbean so cool running and power economy (electric... 
How many of you are digital only systems?
Once all my favorite LPS were available on CD I jumped to that medium. Handed down the LPS to my younger brother. Nowadays; I rip my CDs to FLAC and stream via Roon, supplemented by Qobuz . I store multiple copies of my digital collection and give... 
Bookshelf/Small Speakers
Plus 1 on any iteration of the Kef LS50.  Supplement the low end with a micro sub from Kef or SVS (depending on budget).  
What tracks offer the best left right separation?
You and Your Friend - Dire Straits  
Why do people say low power amps should be good for bookshelf speakers?
A lot of good advice and logical reasoning above. I use Kef's relatively inefficient LS50s in my desktop and bedroom rigs. The desktop pair is driven by a low powered amp that is more than sufficient due to my proximity. I'm about 16 feet away fro... 
Bin dug noisy records. Does it diminish your enjoyment?
Plus 1 Russ69.Switched to CDs from the 90s. LPS are just too high maintenance. I realize that some folks like the routine, but I just want to get straight to the music. Ripped my CD collection to FLAC which I stream via Roon and its audio nirvana!  
What is your favorite album cover?
Led Zeppelin III  / Pink Floyd The WallI am still fascinated with both of these.  
Hi Fi or Not?
Back in the 90's one of my cousins had a Marantz stack.  I thought it sounded ok but he was obsessed with it.  He would waffle on and on about it to anyone who gave him even half and ear.  Was much better than the crappy cheapo Hitachi system I ha... 
Favorite cable brand.
I use World's Best Cables off Amazon.com, they range between $20-$100 and are built with quality components.  Do I believe they are the "world's best cables"?  Not really, but they are robust and reliable. I experimented with some AudioQuest and B...