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Integrated Amp $1200 or less
+1 on the Peachtree mention above.  I use the Nova 150 to drive LS50s in my bedroom system. You can pick up the Nova 150 used for around $1K, or step up to the Nova 300 to double the power for circa $1600 used. Mark 
New Buchardts coming out!
Even though I only have a passing interest in Buchardt, I was somewhat disappointed to learn they were only available as powered units.My take on powered speakers is that it's akin to painting oneself into a corner. I'm very happy with my Canton V... 
Streaming from Bluesound Node2i
@mizike  Your proposed solution should work.  I'm doing something similar from a Roon server to a stand-alone DAC.  Much improvement over my receiver's built in DAC.Mark 
Class-D recommendation
I have been having great success with an ICE1200AS2 based amp from Nord Acoustics.  https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-two-ice1200as2-in-silver   I initially paired it with my Kef LS50s and was astounded at how they came alive... 
Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
My first thought when I read the OP was nostalgia combined with naturally diminished hearing due to age.  Then again I could be talking to a mirror!Mark 
Covering a TV behind your speakers?
I keep a fluffy 50"x60" throw blanket handy for both my systems/TVs.  My significant other hates when I do this, for reasons I'm still unable to ascertain. Mark 
Next step in improving digital chain?
@kishekar let your ears guide you.  Borrow or home-try some of the options, and choose what sounds best to you. Have someone blind swap components and if you can't discern a difference; keep your $$$. Mark 
share 2 CH speakers with HT set up or use separate speakers for front end of a 7.2 HT?
I had the same dilemma sometime back. I was using an AVR to drive Kef LS50s but wanted to get into 2 channel. I was limited to a smallish room. I picked up a used Peachtree Nova 150 which has HT bypass as suggested by the folks above. I connected ... 
What kind of listener are you?
I resent my analytical "half" it takes away from my enjoyment of any music.  In my case it's simple; if I analyse and look for something wrong, I inevitably find it.  If I take the "just relax and listen to some music" route, I'm always more satis... 
How many people here generally buy used?
I used a number of factors to determine if I purchase used or new, including:  How good is the deal?  If used is 5% under new, I'll just go new.  If I can save 30-40% used I'll go for it.How often does the product pop up on the used market?  If it... 
If I just use a DAC, do I need a Pre-amp?
A preamp could be used as an opportunity to color the sound somewhat. For example I recently picked up a tube pre to "relax" the sound,  and afford me the opportunity to muck about with tubes for a while. Depending on your configuration, a preamp ... 
Speaker cable arrows???
Trust your own ears. I believe that directionally and "golden ears" are all BS but I usually comply anyway "just in case" ;-)  
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
I suffer from OCD (obsessive collecting disorder). I collect knives,  used to be any knife but I managed to scale it back to just folders. I also collect hats, books, flashlights, watches and headphones. Financial and space restrictions are my maj... 
Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?
Trust your ears. I had the same quandary lately. I use Ice Power 1200AS2 based class D amp to drive my Canton Vento 896.2 floor standers with a Marantz receiver handling interim preamp duties. The Marantz does warm things up a bit, but I wanted to... 
Can streamed Music sound better on a Sunday?
You are crazy man!  Sorry, I couldn't resist (-:  Your post reminded me of Kristofferson's song "Sunday Morning Coming Down" made famous by  Johnny Cash. Maybe it's just  some good Sunday afternoon vibes that you are feeling.I recently read a news...