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CD vs CD/SACD Player – Tube-based or Not
I would suggest adding the Prima Luna CD player to your list.I loved mine and regret selling it for a VSE modified SONY 5400ES.I cannot hear the difference between redbook and SACD. 
acoustic research classic model 26?
My recollection is that Model 26 is KLH, not AR. 
Decent power strip
Look at the Mapleshade PC 
What is your take on Mapleshade products
I'm generally skeptical, but I own many of his products and CD's. I have been very satisfied with all of them (power conditioner, ic's, speaker wire and equipment rack). In particular, the modified Scott 222c I bought some time ago, is extraordina... 
best internet radio ?
How about an Apple iPOD nano, docked in a Wadia transport? 
Anyone have a take on the new LFD NCSE Mk II
I was told by a dealer that the changes are minimal. I plan to keep my MK I for now. 
Monitor Speaker pairing for Leben 300
I have a Leben 300XS, driving Harbeth C7ES3's. My room is 12x12x9, and I listen to jazz and classical at moderate levels with excellent results. 
Tube amp for Harbeth compact 7
I don;t think SET will have enough power, but I am quite happy with my 15 wpc Leben 300 XS. My room is 12x12x9. The combination is very musical, and especially good for vocals, small ensembles and jazz. 
What's with all the Sony 5400ES units for sale?
I bought two, had one modied ed by VSE. Spectacular!I'll be putting the second up for sale. 
The best integrated amp for Klipsch Heresy
HH Scott 222c. or Lebem 300SX 
Leben cs300 vs Luxman sq38
Both were reviewed within the past year by TAS or Stereophile. A Google search should find it.Don't worry about the Leban's power output unless you have a very large room, very inefficient speakers or listen at very loud levels. I have a 300SX pai... 
Any good quality DAC in $300-400 price range?
HRT Pro, or Musical Fidelity V-DAC might work for you. Saw HRT on" Gon"yesterday. 
Marantz 250 & 3300 ? Speakers
I owned these in the early 70's. I used AR's, Rectilinear's and ultimately JBL L-55's. 
I own the IV Signature. Bass weight and control are impressive. I have not heard a III, but the consensus seems to be that the difference is the bass. 
Violin/Cello Clasical Music
Start with Yo Yo Ma.