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Neophyte question about DAC's...
Does anyone know what language is being spoken here? 
PSB Alpha B 1's
You are right, they are terrific. Check the pawn shops for the PSB Sub Sonic 1.You might get a deal on a demo unit from Audio Advisor if there are none in the pawn shops. It matches up well to the Alpha B 1's, and really make a system thatis very ... 
Good integrated for Magnepan 1.6qr
If you can put Musical Fiudelity Superchargers behind the Maggies, you can use a SET, and your Maggies will sing! 
Which hdtv would you recommend and why?
I have Panasonic Plasma and Sony LCD (XBR). I perfer plasma. Beware, most make several quality levels. I was in a Sony store last week. They display the models side by side. The more you pay, the better the picture. 
Amp for Magnepan 1.7's
The $1200 NAD would be a relatively low cost option, and should have adequate power. 
Best PHONO stage in a budget integrated amp
HH Scott 222 or 299 
HD Tuner Updates for 2010
I have had two Sony's upgraded by Mike at Radio X Tuners. His upgrades include "memory extension", which solves the power outage problem. The "audiophile upgrade" makes an already good tuner much better sounding. The "Forced Analog"option, allows ... 
To all tube lovers.......
Unless your room is very large 88db should work with many tube amps. 
Magnepan Adapters for Spade Cables?
Bananas fit the Magnepans I have seen,but I have not seen an MG12 
Tube Buffer between cdp & pre
I have a MF tube buffer inserted between a tuner and Sony es receiver( not using internal tuner as it is very poor).I think it improves the sound considerably, with smother, less harsh highs I would like to try it for CD's without loosing the tune... 
great headphone amplification in vintage gear?
HH Scott 
Why I like my home system better than live music
Forth row center at Symphony Hall (Boston), has been my reference for the past four years. I can tune and tweak my home system, but the BSO live is my reference point. 
Try Musical Fidelity 750 Superchargers with a tube amp that you like. You will get punch! 
Best World Class System for the Money
Just add a good sub, and stir! 
Harbeth compact 7ES3 for small room
I would not assume that you will have to treat the room for what is essentially near field listening.The Harbeth's would seem to be a good choice.