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Mystere ia21 Integrated Tube Amp ???
I have notheard it, but I have wondered how the Mystere differs from the PrimaLuna Dialogue I. They are close in price and made by the same folks. 
Magnepan MMG or something else
I agree that they may not be fully broken in yet. There is a pair of Mye stands for sale today (check for fit). MMG's will also improve with a quick sub like REL, and wires are also very important. Peter Gunn's mods will take your MMG's to a whole... 
What subwoofer to use with Maggies?
I am usingf a REL T-2 with MMG's. I'm very happy with this combination. My room is 12x12x9. If your room is larger or if you want more base you could move up to a T-3 or "Storm". I mainly listen to classical and Jazz. In two weeks I'll be sending ... 
Classical Music on the Radio
WGBH.org (Boston 89.7)streams high quality classical durig the day, and jazz all night. Weekends is more diverse with live Boston Symphany on Friday nights, Celtic, folk, blues and Garrison Keeler on Sat&Sun 
Hard-to-find binding posts
Contact Michele at Audio Studio in Brookline MA.tel 617 277-0111. He is the designer of many of the Morel products 
College student stuck w/ bad speakers: advise pls
Listen to the PSB speakers. They are $279 (cheaper from Audio Advisor as demo's). The matching sub is about $200. I bought this setup for my daughter, and I am very impressed with it. They do not require much power. 
Best Subwoofer for B&W 805s Speakers
Consider the REL T series. I have just added a T-2 to my system with excellent results. There is a T-1 listed today . 
Build me a system for my 11' by 15' room
There is a three month old pair of Magnapan MMG's for sale today for $400.Pair this with a Scott tubed amp, and possibly a small sub ( I have a REL on order) and you will have outstanding sound at a budget price. This works fine in my 12x12 room w... 
Speakers for a Scott amp.
I have had wonderful results with my 222c and Magnapan MMG's. Find a quick/responsive sub and you'll have high end sound on a budget. 
Scott/Heathkit Tube Amps Modded By Mapleshade
I have a Mapleshade modded 222c that is driving MMG's without difficulty. The sound quality is superb, and they can reach good volumn levels in my small (12x 12) brightish room without clipping.Drdennis 
Magnapan MMG and Scott 222
It works!This is a Mapleshade modified amp, so it puts out a little more than stock,The sound quality is very good with an overall warm quality, and very good detail.The room is small, (12x12), and on the bright side, with hard wood floors. There'... 
Magnapan MMG and Scott 222
I'm waiting for the 222c to arrive. I'll need new speaker wire,and interconnects so it may be awhile before I can post results. Stay tuned! 
Magnapan MMG and Scott 222
Dear Ponnie,Thanks for your response. I actually have the MMG's and I love them. My room is about the same size as yours, and on the bright side. I only listen at moderate levels to classical and jazz and occassionally to classic rock.I am current...