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Luxman 505u vss LFD LE Mkiv with Harbeth
I loved the the LFD MK IV with C7ES3. Then I tried a Leban CS300XS. The LFD has better control of the bass, but the Leben really draws you in with a sweetness that only tubes have been able to provide. 
Analog turner with strong reception
I own the SONY, as well as as a Marantz 10B, Scott 350B, and a Day Sequerra M4. Only the Day Sequerra comes close to the SONY. Find one used, and send it to Mike at Radio X Tuners, for the full mod. You'll have great reception, and great sound. 
speakers prior to owning Harbeth 7es 3's
MagnepanI use a REL B3 with my 7ES3's. Adjust the sub(s) so that you are not aware of their presence, until you shut them off, and you sense the foundation has disappeared. 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
Harbeth speakers are designed to sound good at low volume levels. Choose the model based upon size of room and/or budget. 
Musical Fidelity V-Link with Rega DAC REVIEW
Thanks Rob. Can you explain why you use USB rather than SPDF out of the Mac Mini?TIA, 
Antenna for Marantz 10B
I have had good reception with a C. Crane dipole connected to a Radio Shack transformer. 
LFD mk iv speaker terminals
Red is RIGHT 
Oppo 83se vs Oppo 8e se nuforce
Google will lead you to a full description of the Nuforce mods. The upgrade is mostly to the analog 2 channel output, so if that's a priority for you, it may be worth the difference in price. 
Need a DAC recommendation
Music Direct has the Musical Fidelity M1 on sale for $619. This reportedly is an upgraded V-DAC with a choke regulated power supply. I'm waiting for mine to be delivered, as they are backordered one week. I use a V-DAC on another system, and I lik... 
Newbie needs help building a tube system for $6-8K
Start with a Scott integrated amp with EL84 tubes, and add Klipsch speakers. You should be able to do this for under $2,000. 
Sansui TU-X1 Tuner
I have Vibrapoints under my tuner with good result. 
Highest quality Internet Radio stations
WHRB for Jazz in the am, classical in the afternoon and classical and MET Opera on Saturdays. The schedule is on the website.WCRB has the BSO on Saturday evenings, and in the summer, Tanglewood broadcasts on Friday evenings.Opera and early music o... 
Harbeth Super HL5 owner question pleae
The difference is primarily the use of OFC internal wiring. The designer, Alan Shaw reports that this does not improves ound, but the OFC wiring has a longer life. Resale of the Anniversary speakers may be a little higher. 
Are New Sony SCD XA5400es Players Still Available?
I am selling a 5400ES. I bought two, and I am having one modified (VSE). I have decided to keep another player, that also does Blue Ray, so I am selling one. The Manager of The Sony store told me it was out of production. About six weeks ago he wa... 
Best amp/pre or Int under 3G's for Klipsch Forte's
Look at the Jolida SET (8 wpc) for under $1,000