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Shipping Large Amp across Canadian Border?
Agree with Pbb. I am Canadian and have US Audiogoner's ship to either a FedEx or UPS depot (again a "Hold for Pickup") just within the US and I go and pick it up myself. I live about 1.5 hours from the border. You will require a bill of sale (of w... 
Scout master owners...
Good morning,I owned a Scout and the setup is very similar. I placed my square motor about 1/4" away from all three sides. Keep in mind that the belt is very flexible (just like a rubber band), thus it allows some leeway as to the distance. Your m... 
amps for Merlin VSM-MXE
The ARS Sonum Filarmonia integrated amp. It is made in Spain, thus it is on your side of the pond. Fantastic little integrated amp if you can force yourself to only spend $3500 US MSRP (my dry sense of humour). I have owned the VZN 100's, Belles 1... 
VPI arm cueing
On my Scout (JMW-9), it somewhat is. Subsequent cueing is not so fast as to skip the cartridge, but is is noticeably faster. 
VPI Scoutmaster - Anti-skate again..
Thank you. For about $30, I will pick up that DVD. 
VPI Scoutmaster - Anti-skate again..
Hopefully not hijacking this thread, but what did you guys notice if you had the set screw on the counterweight at dead center, thus the azimuth not "perfectly" set? I currently have a Scout with the JMW 9 arm and a dyna 20X-L cart tracking at 2.3... 
Tracking issue with dynavector 20XL
Always a pleasure reading your responses Doug. Thank you for the help as I had also the same issues/thoughts with my Scout and Dynavector 20X-L.David 
Merlin VSM-mm's a good value at $3000 used?
OK, I get you with the pressurize the room idea.That "about 75 dB" referred to above in my post really is at the musical peaks. I set my RS meter at the fast setting and the option of noting the highest sound pressures. I have done this in the pas... 
Merlin VSM-mm's a good value at $3000 used?
I hope that I am not too late for the party. I had the VSM-M and VSM-MM in a 20x20 room with a 10’ sloped ceiling. That room had a wide opening into a 12x20 kitchen. I had the speakers firing across the room due to it being square. At the time, I ... 
What cartridge are you using with VPI JMW9
I have read many people that state the Dynavector 20X-L is a great match. I have to agree. 
Analog experiment
Good experiment Arthur. This is what I envision as part of the audio hobby: trying out different things and relaying the experience.I just bought a new VPI Scout / JMW 9 tonearm / Dynavector DV20XL cart / Dynavector P-75 phono and have done compar... 
Cables for Merlin VSM-MXe speakers
I know that Bobby has also recommended the Cardas SE-9 in the past if one could not afford the GR. 
Ok this will be a good thread.
Absolutely agree with Mrtennis. I find that the mood I'm in has more bearing as to whether or not I'm going to enjoy the listening session and not what equipment I'm using. 
Information for Joule Electra LA100 Mark III
Jud,Good to see you posting here!David Berry 
Audiogon "Recordings to Die for" a complete summary
Wow, thank you for the summary!