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About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Pat and Barb,This is David from Ontario, Canada. I believe that you have made many people that have read this account of your pain and suffering and grace and love much better human beings. It has for me. Thank you. 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Pardales pretty much summed it up for me as well. 
Everyone whose Merlins...
Larry,I honestly cannot say. I, at the best of times, have 45 minutes a day to listen to my system at night and I try my best during that time not to think about the equipment (I do that during the day, however :)). It could very well have a break... 
Wife Acceptance Factor
"Be a man ... Show her your balls are made of steel...good riddance...etc."You married your wife, right? There is some love there, right? There is some mutual respect there, right?Most of you guys sound like a group of teenage boys talking about h... 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Funny thing at home last night. Had a discussion (I did not initiate this!) about some new jewelry that my wife just bought that day. The conversation was going well about how her new earrings would look with her new necklace and, for some reason,... 
Everyone whose Merlins...
I picked up my “Super BAM” (is this a trademark now Bobby?) back in June when Bobby was just shipping them out the door. I already had the VSM-MX for about 1.5 months. I followed his suggestion of fully charge/fully drain cycle perhaps 10 times. N... 
Upgrade?Sim w5 Merlin vsm Ear 834 Clearaudio grado
Well...First I would ditch the speakers, then I would...Nah, just joking. I also had the Sim Audio W5 with the VSM-M and decided that they really did not require the current of that great amp. I sold it, and now, perhaps, what I would do if I were... 
Denver Audio Show photos
Thank you Albert. I always have a look at your pictures.David 
Calling Merlin upgraders
Yes the premium ("high gloss") finish version of the TSM-M can be upgraded to the TSM-MX. Give Bobby Palkovic a call at Merlin and he will discuss the cost and turn around time with you.David 
Would you buy speakers with out first listening ?
Yes I have numerous times and finally stopped with the Merlin VSM-MX. As there are no dealers in Ontario, Canada I really had no place to audition them. 
what subs for merlin vsm-mx
Good morning,Please list all of your current associated equipment.How, exactly, do you have them setup in your room?What are your room dimensions?There are many owners of the VSM speakers here that can help.David 
How U determine first and second reflection points
Uh, how the hell did a simple question that was answered very well by the first several posters turn to a 30 reply thread?Man, some audiophiles are weird.David 
Which headphones are comfortable?
Good suggestions all. I have the Senn's HD 600s with a Corda HA-1 MKII (headphone amplifier) for a total cost of about $550 new. Very comfortable and damn inexpensive compared to a speaker system of comparable quality!David 
Nakamichi RX-505 Question
Whoops. Re-read your original post. I would have to agree with Tobias.David 
Nakamichi RX-505 Question
Retina,It might not be a problem at all. Do you know about the auto reverse switch that is to the left of the cassette holder? It is a three position switch that allows for (a) single side play, then stop; (b) single side play, auto reverse, play ...