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If you have already decided to try a sub, I have used REL in the past (Storm III) with good results. I did, however, sell it once I changed my preamp.For more info, have a look at a previous thread of mine. 
Integrated for Merlin Vsm
Keep an eye out for a used Joule Electra VAMP integrated. 
Why so much music for sale?
'cause I gotta sell my ceedees to finance my next audio equipment purchase. I only got Jacintha and Eva Cassidy stuff left. Priorities, man, priorities! 
Seeking hot running amps
Joule Electra OTL tube-based amps. I have a pair of their 100 watt versions in my dedicated Canadian basement listening room. I close off the heating ducts to the room and turn on the amps an hour before I listen. Works great for me - I STILL have... 
Verity Parsifals to Von schweikert VR4 Gen III ??
How many recognize the audiophile that Sonicbeauty described? I know that I am raising my hand. 
Merlin VSM-MM v. VSM-MX
Coffee_nudge,OK, my take on things after owning the VSM-SE,VSM-M, VSM-MM, and now the VSM-MX (piano black): the sound difference between the VSM-MM and the VSM-MX is not huge. In other words, practically speaking, pick the MX version if you really... 
Advice on popping noise from Audio Aero Prestige
Cics,As it turns out I also have the "pop" sounding noise when changing the volume, stopping or changing next/previous track. For me, it really is very small in loudness and not bothersome. I will, however, keep my ears open and post in this threa... 
Phase Inversion in Preamplifer?
It does appear that the phase inversion issue happens more in preamps than in amps.I do not believe that it make a great difference at all. My Joule Electra LA 150 preamp inverts phase as well and in my research it really does not matter and is no... 
Merlin TSM-mm placement
I've tried the VSM speaker system in a diagonal placement within a 20' x 20' room about 6.5' apart. Worked very well with respect to not exciting room nodes. In a room that is small and square, I would really recommend trying out the diagonal plac... 
Music volume? What about your sound level?
Via my RS digital meter, my usual listening loudness at the listening couch (~10 feet away from the speakers) is 75-80 dB 
Advice on popping noise from Audio Aero Prestige
Thank you for keeping us up to date. I was thinking along the lines of a small DC spike when making input/volume changes. This would be noticeable with amps that do not block incoming DC.With the buzzing, the culprit could be one (or both) of the ... 
Advice on popping noise from Audio Aero Prestige
Cics,Do you have the AA direct to your 33H amps? What amps did the dealer use and did he hook the AA up directly as well?David 
Advice on popping noise from Audio Aero Prestige
Cics,Let us know the outcome in this thread as I have just purchased the Audio Aero Prestige CD/SACD player.I think that most people here feel and know your frustration. Really press the issue of not paying for shipping anywhere and see if you can... 
SACD Player Shootout
Curriemt11,Thank you for sharing this information. I am appreciative of the work involved.Now, where was the modded Toshiba 3950? THAT is an unforgivable ommision :)David 
Upgrade from Merlin VSM-M to What?
Tab110s,I really don't know. When I receive the ARS Sonum Filarmonia (I have had it on order for a while), I will have several options as I have also bought from Bobby the TSM-MM. I will definitely try the ARS in the VSM-MX system and see how it c...