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Has anyone ever tried two center channel speakers?
Aren't most center speakers aimed to rediate up towards the listeners, obviating the need for an above screen speaker?It seems to me that most speakers are designed to point straight at the listener which would mean the ideal place would be the ce... 
Has anyone ever tried two center channel speakers?
How about taking the two identical center speakers and putting one above and one below the screen, with the idea of trying to get the image closer to the center of the screen. I suspect it would depend a lot upon where you sat in relation to the t... 
Changed preamps. Seems like less power now?
Adjustable increments seems like a nice feature, haven't seen it in the Anthems. You may have adjustable input levels which will also affect your output, but it's more important to level match between inputs (if your signal's good you might use th... 
Changed preamps. Seems like less power now?
I have an Anthem AVM-30 in my HT system and as Photon notes it does have .5 db increments, which means several clicks on the remote to get a significant volume change. This is nice if you're looking for subtlety but it does seem like you're really... 
dedicated electrical line
If 6' is the minimum (between rods) what's max? When does it become a different "ground" and a potential (pun) hazard? My power is fine, just interested. 
Which HT reveiver to replace Nak av-10?
Rather than an analog pot you might want to look at the remote features. 
I'm looking for a big new LCD or projection type
I would go with the Sony because it has a great picture and it's bigger. 52" to 60" is a pretty large jump and I think having a larger picture adds a lot to the enjoyment. Of course you don't say what your distance is, or if you need a flat panel ... 
Pass/Fail on 3.2 pulldown on 1080P lcd tv's
I was under the impression that the new units with 120hz scanning frequency did not rely on 3:2 pulldown for 24 frame film compatibility (because 24 divides evenly into 120). That doesn't mean the units that were tested had 120hz scanning so they ... 
dedicated electrical line
Would you ever be concerned about the distance between grounding rods? That you might possibly create a "battery effect", or difference in potential between grounds? 
dedicated electrical line
"You should look into installing a dedicated ground as well."When you say "dedicated ground" do you mean a separate line back to ground (which most dedicated circuits would have anyway) or a separate ground rod? 
DVD music concerts
I saw a segment on A&E's "Breakfast with the Arts" on Genesis that included old footage with Peter Gabriel. They had several cuts during his "costume" days but I don't think there were any complete concerts. Even if there were it looked like t... 
Tube CD player?
So are all the Cary CD players made in China or just the 303/300? 
DVD music concerts
I have to second bdgregory's nod to "Concert for George", great musicians, great music, great man (good video & sound too.) 
Satellite vs. Cable
I have the Dish HD lineup as well as HD locals via Dish and their 622 receiver/DVR; I'm pretty satisfied. I also have OTA locals which the 622 can also process. The 622 is a nice unit and regular software updates work out bugs little by little (ch... 
VTL B+ Fuses
Yes the KTK-2 is the "Buss" part number, also the "Limitron" brand that was in my MB-450. Brooklynqueenselec has the equivalent of KTK-2 in "Gould" (ATM-2) and in "Littlefuse" (KLKD-2) - I got the Littlefuse and they work fine.