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VTL MB-450 "Generations"
Good info on the not-quite-DIY cap upgrades as well as VTL's price and timeframe. Zaikes you mentioned Michael Percy who I hadn't heard of but found his web site, is that where you get your parts? He's more or less in my neck of the woods (about a... 
VTL MB-450 "Generations"
So - if needed - what kind of a job is it to replace the caps? I'm decent with a soldering iron but I've mostly upgraded old tube guitar amps, not something with this level of build quality. I had thought of rolling to KT88's on next tube swap mys... 
VTL MB-450 "Generations"
Wow! That's what's great about A'gon, not just facts and information (which is what I was looking for) but interpretation of the information and advice about what's most important.So along the way there was: A signature output transformer, Resisto... 
Help Choosing Subwoofers
Doesn't look like I could get a pair of DD-15's but maybe the 12's. However reading about the Nola (current name for Alon) ThunderBolt III has me intrigued. Looks like they would work well in my HT system and if I ever wanted to try they would als... 
New VTL Stereo Amp?
They sent me a spec sheet on the new ST-150, specs are similar - a few less watts per channel. Looks like (4) 6550C / channel instead of (2) on the previous (if the online specs are right for the old one). If that's true it's bound to sound a leas... 
Pink Floyd's Pulse DVD finally
Went to BestBuy to get a copy of Pulse and saw only 4:3, does anybody know if there's a widescreen (16:9) version? Thanks. 
Help Choosing Subwoofers
Thanks for the ideas guys, the 750 was on my list and I think I can get my dealer to loan me one to audition. Haven't heard of the Alon's or MJ's but I'll do some reading, thanks again. 
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
I too still have a Threshold 4000's from 1979, just packed up my oldest piece yesterday, a Technics SP-10 from around 1974. 
What colors match for interconnects?
So R_f I think you may have hit upon why Audio Research preamps sound so good (to many ears), where most companies put the left channel in/outs on the top and the right on the bottom, ARC reverses this and puts the right on the top. I'm sure this ... 
Personal amp evolution
Fuzzy memories -Dyna Stereo 120Dyna MK III's (still use for guitar)Kenwood integrated ampSAE 100wpc AmpSAE 300wpc Amp (Jim B. design I think)Threshold 4000 200wpc class A (Nelson Pass design)(2) Threshold 4000's OK, I stopped evolving, but that's ... 
How could you go wrong for $240.01?
And I suppose you don't care if they're ripping off someone elses design? 
How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???
I have listened to the 802D's and was very impressed; smooth response, great imaginging, and well defined. Sinced I haven't heard the previous model I can't tell you whether they are "worth the difference" but they have made the short list on my s...