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VTL B+ Fuses
I had the same need about a month ago; a couple 'goners recommended this guy and I do now as well."Contact this ebay member and get exactly what you are looking for for cheap: brooklynqueenselec" 
Can I bi amp my B & W 603 S3 speakers with an
I have a friend doing that with B&W's and a Marantz receiver but don't know about Arcam. 
LFE Content between 80-120hz
I agree with Mark, 80 hz is plenty high for most systems, unless you have a problem I wouldn't try to go higher. 
VTL MB-450 B+ Fuse
Just wanted to say thanks Peter and Albert for the brooklynqueenselec tip, I passed on the "R" and bought a box from him. Friendly guy, fast service, good price! 
Cooling fans for tube amp
So the original link I posted was because the company specializes in low noise cooling solutions. But you still might salvage your installation with newbee's rheostat suggestion (or as I did in a another cabinet, 2 fans in series). Another suggest... 
Cooling fans for tube amp
I stand by my statement, you want to move air through the cabinet and heat away from the equipment. You need a source for the air (vents or an input fan) and a place to exhaust the air (vents or an exhaust fan). You can do this without "blowing ai... 
Cooling fans for tube amp
The best option is to get two fans, one pulls air in from the bottom, the second pushes air out through the top - or from side to side, across the equipment. If you are going to get the 110 fans I would consider the rheostat idea to slow them down... 
Cooling fans for tube amp
This place has a nice variety of units. Most have thermisters that turn the fan on automatically when it gets warm so you just leave them plugged in all the time. I have a pair on my HT amp that do a good job and are pretty quiet, but I can slight... 
VTL ST-150 MB-450
Bea talked me out of the 150's as well for my 20.1's (I was going to buy a pair and bi-amp.) She felt I should get Sigfried's but they were out of my price range; I got a pair of 450's which I'm very happy with. Your speakers are about 6db more ef... 
What do you look for in damping factor?
The numbers Paulfolbrecht quotes are typical of many good tube amps; if (as others say) you just chase a high DF spec. you are going to eliminate quite a few good amps. I'm using VTL's with my Maggies and the DF is certainly under 5 (they sound gr... 
Calibration DVD
I bought DVE a while back and while it was a little trying I did manage to make significant improvements in my picture in an hour or two. 
is super high speed internet available w/satelite?
Don't get satellite Internet service unless it's your only option, only dial-up is worse (I had Starband's best service for 3 years.) As stated you'll also pay more. 
1080p an issue for now?
I would get 1080p because: it's the best that's out there, the premium is low, software is available for it, and scaled material may benefit. But at 12-14' I think 50" is just too small, I'm the same distance and wouldn't have less than the 73" I'... 
Help Choosing Subwoofers
Thanks for all the ideas. I sold the 675's and ordered a pair of Nola Thunderbolt III's, I'll let you know how they sound (still have to wait another week or so). 
VTL MB-450 "Generations"
Just to make this thread more complete, I've since learned that besides the $1200 Infinicap upgrade NRostov wrote of, the factory will also do the "Super Balanced Input" upgrade for $1200, as well as a "Tube Saver" upgrade for $500.A question they...