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Integrated Tube Amp Demo
+2 LTA UL Integrated & no transformer nonsense.  
Spacial Audio Lab X3 and Pure Audio Project Quintet 15
The Quintets fill a huge room, mine is 16x 27 and vaulted.  Using the Vox 1.6 widebander recommended to me by Ze’ev, and can’t pull myself away. Amp is the LTA Ultra Linear. As DS above, next is the active XO. I’ve also heard the Spatial at the LT... 
Good to remember ... how to tell what sounds better
@MC”I was lucky and broke out of this mold early on. Took my little stack of CDs with me, started listening to a McCormack DNA1, knew I found my amp when I noticed my list of audio tics was the last thing on my mind, I was just enjoying the music.... 
One year down, two to go. What's the longest you have saved for one component?
I’m humbled, OP has tanks and major artillery and we are playing with BB guns. No doubt, without health and especially faith, all else is frivolous.  
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
Tice clock. Vpi magic brick. Seriously, As  smandlej above, Michell Gyrodec Full Plinth, SME V arm, remove the bridge, full Gert Pedersen mod takes it to another level.  
Negotiate good price
+1 Tomic, too quick old, too slow smart! 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
For anyone owning, operating a brick and mortar operation, that fee could even be a financial loss considering ALL the overhead expenses. It could be a “loss leader”, written off as a word of mouth advertising expense.  
which speaker to buy
want loud, buy efficient. Also try Zu. They can play the neighborhood.  
Desire to try tubes
Like Raven, don’t overlook Decware that offers excellent sound and value, plenty of posts on their site. They sell direct.  
New Tinnitus study and possible treatment (via Science Daily)
Why does medicine always attempt to fix the symptoms instead of the cause. Imagine fixing a roof leak with the house foundation shaking. Attempting to fix the sound in your room by not paying attention to the room itself? Instead of an apparatus f... 
Integrated Tube Amps with Subwoofer out?
Use any integrated you want. Simple elegant solution. Give Jensen a call and they will set you up with any type connection that fits your situation. Under $200 I believe, very friendly service. 
If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
Bruce Springsteen front row center as a warm up to The Paul Winter Quartet at My Fathers Place, Roslyn NY, 1972 just before Greetings From Asbury Park released. No one knew who he was but for me, it trumped the main event by far.  
System Plateau - Ideas?
If the bass in the room has not been “managed” then everything else is a mere compromise as it will smear upstream frequencies and you chase an elusive demon.  
Which integrated amplifier .
Wow, this is a tuff one. Please investigate the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach. Also, investigate the use of CBD and derivatives from qualified individuals. Miracles can happen. Blessings.  
Speakers which always sound good
Open baffles can take much of the room out of it other than needing a front wall to develop a wave.