Zu Omen Def vs Zu Soul Supreme vs Omega Super XRS

Amp is a 300B SET 8W with Emission Labs tubes. Am looking for a new pair of speaker in the same price range as the above. Other suggestions welcome. Big sound stage, detail, and separation important. thanks

A friend absolutely loves his Soul Superflys, and the Supreme is suppose to be much better. If your budget can stretch from the Supreme, how about the Druid V? Have you tried calling Sean to ask about the sound of the different models? I have heard another friends Definition MK IV, and they just do everything extremely well.
I met the Zu guys at the CAS 2013 show and asked them about the Druids and Soul Supremes. He said(Sean?) that they are exactly the same speaker, but with a different build style. The Druids cost more b/c of the fancy aluminum bottom plates. I'm not sure if the plates change the sound, but he said they really didn't. He suggested that if I wanted more bass extension, to get the Supremes and add the Zu $2000 subwoofer. (BTW, they had the Zu Submission in their audio room, and it's the best sub I have ever heard, but will run you $4k.)

1graber2, sorry, but IMHO, the Soul Supreme and Druid V are not "exactly the same speaker." Yes, they use the same components, but the cabinets are quite different. My friend with the Superflys talked with Sean about upgrades to his or possibly trading up. He was told that, although very similar, the Supreme and Druid V did sound slightly different. I read this in a 6 moons review as well. Also, if you look at the response graphs for the speakers on Zu's website, again, they are very similar, but do show some slight differences. As I previously stated, Oceanica1 should just give Sean a call, and talk with him.
I have a pair of the Omega Super 8 XRS currently not being used. When I have used them, I ran them alternatively with a Bedini 25/25 and a pair of Wavelength Cardinal X2 300B mono blocks. A great pairing with both amplification sources, especially the Cardinals. The sonic qualities you are looking for were well portrayed with the Omegas. I cannot comment on the Zu speakers as I have never heard them.
I heard they were basically the same, just different form factor. That said, call Zu for confirmation.
Box construction and damping differs along with the plinth.