Review: Silverline SR17 Supreme speakers

Hi all - I've just posted a review of the Silverline SR17 Supreme speakers ($7500):

It's been around a while and there's very little coverage of it on the 'net, but I think it's deserving of a listen if you're in the market for this type of speaker. I found it to be truly exceptional,

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You don’t hear much about Silverline these days. Good to hear they are still in business. I owned a pair of the original Sonata floor standers many years ago and enjoyed my time with them.
@pdreher yup, Alan Yun is still doing his thing. He's less active on the show circuit, and has expanded his line of affordable speakers. Still making the SR17 and Bolero in Supreme editions. I'm thinking of auditioning the latter - based on my experience with the SR17, I suspect it could go toe-to-toe musically with the best under $20k.
Would be interesting to hear how these compare to JA Pulsars.  Both excellent speakers in the same price range. 
The original Silverline SR17 is also a honey. If you can get a pair for under $1500 and in good shape, I don't think there is a better value in hifi stand mounters. 
Silverlines are great, owned several .My problem is Spendor is in same price range .
Silverline Preludes are fabulous speakers though I recently sold my pair as I'd replaced them with very high efficiency speakers to mate with a small SE amp...still...took a long time to list them as I didn't want to see 'em go. I enjoyed a pair of Minuets at a friend's place one afternoon and was blown away by how excellent they company.
The Minuets are incredible for the size. I used to own them until they were dethroned by the Rega RS1. 
@seanheis1 -- in what ways did the Regas surpass the Minuets?
Rega’s are more alive...greater presence. Higher resolution but no fatigue. The Minuets are the mellower speaker. Slightly veiled. 

Rega tweeter is hands down better. Both have excellent midrange. Rega RS1 is much better in near field. Minuets excel at 6 feet or more. Minuets have the wider soundstage so for background listening they would be an excellent choice. 
@seanheis1 was this the original Minuet or one of the more recent revision? I agree the originals were very fun and musical but a little veiled. I think the latest Supreme Plus is significantly more transparent. And the Minuet Grand is in another league, albeit at 3x the price ($2k).
It was the Minuet Supreme. It was the pair that Alan brought to audio shows. He is a really nice guy.

The Rosewood finish is excellent. They definitely beat the RS1s in the looks department.