Your vote - BEST CD PLAYER in the world??

OK- time to have some fun!- rules of this game are:

1. You must own one of the units listed (or added)
2. No transport/dac combos allowed (only one-box players- excluding separate power supplies of course which are OK)
3. External upsamplers allowed (to level the playing field, as a couple of the units I list below do up/over sample to 24/192).
4. Retail cost to not exceed $11k U.S.
5. No internally 'modded' units allowed (factory setup only)

The Contenders (feel free to add to the list):

Accuphase DP-75V
Resolution Audio CD-55
Auio Aero Capitole 24/192
Sim Audio Moon Eclipse (w DCS Purcell upsampler)- my current reference player
New Cary CD-306? (perhaps not quite in same league as others above, but somewhat close so we'll add it in the mix!)
Meridian 508-24 ('old-school', but I know if I don't list it, someone else will!)

Let the games begin! (add some comments too)
Audiomeca Mephisto II

**Note- when anyone responds, tell us WHY you feel your choice is the best... (what does it so for you that made you choose it).
I think you missed one. The Muse 9 signature. List price 4250. Fully balanced, DVD's too!, best at recreating the air around the instruments on the soundstage. Awesome detail.
Well i just got myself a Wadia 860, and while i cant 100% affirm that it is the best in the world (imho, there isnt one....question is too subjective), its the best ive ever heard.

Fantastic soundstage, very faithfull to the recording, pretty transparent sound, and quite subtle sound delivery.
IMHO, best in the world is relative to one's ears. I've heard some on your list, however I still have my BAT VKD5.
Nothing has sounded as realistic to me on my system, YMMV!
Is the BAT the best in the world, I don't know, however in my world, today it's the best!

I vote for the new YBA delta 1-CD player. I own the Delta 2-cd player which is a half a step down from the 1-CD player.
The 2-CD player is a very musical and sounds is very relaxed with no digital glare.
Very detailed and smooth top to bottem.
I have hear more dynamic players, put they often miss the inner detail. This CD player will put a smile on your face you will not be able to take off.
BOW ZZ8, i've had audio research,bat & others,but none of the upsamplers.great bass no gritty highs & mids as good as the bat.dynamics to dye for, happy listening.
Well, I'm sure there are probably better, but the used Audio Research CD-2 that I picked under 2K sounds fabulous in my system. I think it's perched at that point of deminishing returns, that is you can spend a whole bunch more but get very little more for your expenditure.
denon dvd 5000... quick&detailed!
Linn Ikemi (since I can't list the CD12, which is over your price limit and my budget). For the standard Linn reasons: musical, non-fatigueing, detailed, rythymically right. Ease, air, and pace that should be heard to be appreciated.

Could you explain "pace" for me? I've seen people use that word, as well as 'rhythm' in descriptions of sound, and just dont get it. Maybe I havnt spent enough $ yet. Thanks, Jay
Jay, pace is part of PRaT, Pace, Rythym, Timing. It's of British origin, and places more emphasis on getting the music right rather than "hi-fi" sound effects like soundstage and imaging, which are really studio artifacts and rarely present in live music.

Linn suggests listening for pace by attending to the tune - can you sing along; following individual instruments - can you pick them out? Pace helps deliver the correct emotion with the music.

Maybe the best source for this is an article by Martin Colloms in Stereophile from about 1992. It's available in the Stereophile archives on line.

Also must reading is a two part article in the Jan and Feb 2000 issues of Stereophile by Markus Sauer, "God is in the Nuances."

The European press is full of references to pace.

Sutts, I agree on the Audiomeca. The Mephisto II is just a transport though.
I agtree with the Muse 0 signature player. Read the rave reviwe in Ultimate Audio avalivly on Muse homesite. I have compared my Muse in my sytem with twice so expensive Wadia 860X and the Muse was better in every respecy with fanatstic resolution, soundstage and abov all musicallity.
Meridian 508.24. Considering that the CD itself is based on digital technology from the late 70's, I feel that the Meridian player hardly constitutes the lable "old school." Long live this excellent player! :)