Wireworld interconnects differences ?


Does anyone compare the following Wireworld ICs ?
- Eclipse 3 plus
- Gold Eclipse 3 plus
- Eclipse 5
- Gold Eclipse 5

What are the sonic differences between these vesions ?

My setup:
- Accuphase DP-55v
- Zcable live v3 IC
- Bow Technologies WAZOO int. amp
- Ensemble MegaFlux FSF speaker cable
- Spendor SP1/2 speakers

Thinking about upgrade Zcable live IC.....
This line of cables IS really confusing. I own a set and still have trouble exlpaining the model differences. They do an excellent job in my system.
I own only one wireworld. It is one of the toslink glass fibre optics. I like it.
eclipse is a copper cable, the 5 is the latest version.
gold eclispe is a silver cable, again the 5 is the latest version.

hope that helps !!!

Eclipse 3+ is 162 litz coated copper strands w/ the older stile connector that looks like a knuckle.
Eclipse 5 is 162 litz coated occ copper strands w/ the newer stile connector w/ the hollow silver clad center conductor (the new connector makes a HUGE difference)
Gold Eclipse 3+ is 162 litz coated silver strands w/ the older connector
Gold Eclipse 5 is 162 litz coated occ silver strands w/ the newer connector

On a side note (because I know someone will ask) OCC stands for Ohno Continuous Casting which is basically the highest grade of copper or silver you can get right now for the home audio market.
This response is very late to the question, but I'll write it anyway.
I have the Accuphase DP-75V (the rest of the system is also top of the line Accuphase) and I used the Wire World Eclise III until last week when I bought a pair of Zcable Live 5. The Live 5 is SO much better, that they are not in the same league. The Eclipse III went to between the preamp and the amp, while I kept the Live 5 from the CDP to the preamp. I am seriously thinking of getting another pair of Live 5. I used to own the Gold Eclipse (version I) too, but I cannot compare it to the Live 5 as I had different components that time.
I don't know how good the Live 3 is, but going to the Eclipse III from the Live 5 would be a serious downgrade.