Yba electronics and JM Reynaud speakers?

Has anyone have or had any experience with Yba electronics and JM Reynaud speakers? And if so, I appreciate any feedback/comments of your experience. Thank you much.
I am looking for resolution/accurancy/musicality at low level listening for late night/early morning session when family is asleep. It ought not be fatiguing long/short term. Source material is 90% from my tuner listening to BBC, APR, NPR, and college stations, sourced from my newest acquistion, MD 109 tuner hooked to a rooftop active (signal booster)/passive radio antenna. Ocassion CD here and there, but rarely of late, that I don't even have one hooked while my system is in flux.
Thank you in advance for your comments/feedbacks.
Also does anyone know of any dealer that jointly carries YBA/JM Reynaud. I do not know of any and have not found any.
Amherst audio / Bob Neill carries the Reynaud line. Bob's a real nice guy and I am sure will answer your questions.

I would imagine at the very least you'd get French "synergy" between the two brands. Beyond that ya got me.
I am a Yba fan for years. I have been through a number of speakers with my Yba electronics over the past 10 years. Oodles of changes, (this audiophooish hobby) but Yba has remained in the pact. Well I did change integrateds, but stayed with Yba DNA. Very sweet ss watts. peace, warren :)
I have not heard YBA but have owned JMR Trentes and they are easy to drive, very smooth and immediate with a beautiful and well balanced tone.

My first impression is you would be very happy with any JMR product...
I owned an Audio Refinement Complete integrated (YBA owned) and JMR Twins mkII's for a bout 5 years. AN amazing combination, always extremely musical and non-fatiguing. During that time, I also had JMR Cantabile floorstanders and a YBA Integra DT around for a few weeks on loan from a friend.

Simply put, YBA and JMR equipment make beutiful music together.

If you wan to go one better(or different) try anothr French electronics maker's amps - Audiomat. Their integrateds are tubed and take JMR speakers to the next level.