Yamaha DSP-A1 Find

Picked one of these up today for a song with Remote, and Manual. Wood Panels, and Silver Finish. Very clean. Thoughts on this?
I am not much of a Home Theatre guy, I use a two channel set up for TV with a Denon AVR 3802 currently.
I used mine as a stereo integrated and it sounded great. Might be better than the Denon, easy to find out
Display is not working, and I was trying to figure out the very odd DB setting, and the display went blank. Hopefully I can get it back, and set it on normal. This thing is going! Works fine though. I had a similar problem with a Carver HR 895. I am not playing games with this. Yeah, youtube tutorial on how to fix the display.
Fantastic unit, the DSP-A1. I've had mine since they first came out and it's going strong with no problems. Mine is also the Champagne gold with Rosewood side panels. Over the years there have been numerous complaints about problems with the DTS display giving out, but other than that, it appears to be bullet-proof! Enjoy it!
Haven't done anything with the display yet. Soon. It still comes on when the unit is cold, and without anything hooked up, the amp just on by itself, the display is fine. I will be attempting the re-solder of the back of the display.
You wouldn't want to know what I payed for this. Less then 3% of it's original cost.
I will never pay for anything. Either I find it on the fly, or I don't buy.
Anyway thanks for the comment Sid.
I wonder if it is that much better then the Denon. The Denon is just not a TOTL Amp, so the demand, value isn't there. It's almost as hefty as the Yamaha. And I have even less in it. And it's very simple. I don't need all the *ucking sound feilds, or all the crap they pack into these. I just couldn't turn it down for the price.
For all of you who have a display problem on the DSP-A1, I just found some interesting info on how to fix the display. Get on Google, type in "servicing a Yamaha DSP-A1 Integrated Amp on You Tube" and up will come a fix-it tutorial on how to dis-assemble the front panel and what to do for the fix. It's by Bughunter, and is 18.17 minutes long. Very easy to do if you can solder connections; also explains what caused the problem in the first place.

I don't have a problem with my unit right now, but in case I do in the future, this is great info. It seems that this display problem issue has happened to many units, as I mentioned in my comments above.
Used to own one of these , made in Japan.. great amp.. they don't build them like these anymore.. even the top of the line cx-a5000 av pre/pro , which is a nice unit, made in Malaysia.. my Rx-z7 is also nice , but made in Malaysia..
Descent, but not real refined, ultimately. And, like the 3090 before it,had mediocre amps. RX-Z series piece's were better sounding, and then you still will want the superior Dolby HD n DTS Master, I think...
Yes, for pennies, you got great deal. (trick is not just getting it fer nothing, but rather picking it up for better than what you can resell it for down the road, or at least getting ur money back!-becomes a freebie- or better, either way). But, yes, enjoy.
Gotta love the used market and internet these days. It's never been better for buying products, for most part
I flip all the time. I sold a Luxman L80V the other day.
I will get the display right, and probably move this along. I am fine with Denon for now. Denon has the same power rating. And and does for all channels.
however, FTR, I have tened to like the Yamaha receivers used as AV prepro's on the cheap, outboard to better multich power amps for HT and backup music chores in a cheapo system! The Yammies tend to make strong dymamic clear sounding preamps for movie processing, I find, and nice detail. Still, yes, the amp sections in most of these receivers bloweth, IMO. Minimum of used Rotel, Adcom, Parasound, Outlaw, etc for multi amps to pair up with budget receiver as preouts, me thinks. Again, this be the better midfi option