Yamaha RX-V2400 amplifier with Denon DVD2900?

I know Yamaha comes in for a bit of stick but I have got a RX-596 2 channel amp - had it for 4 years and I love it. So its time for an upgrade to home theatre. Most of the reviews I have read of the 2400 have been pretty positive - I havent had a chance to audition it yet as they have only recently arrived here in New Zealand (next to Australia) - but I would like to hear your thoughts on mating it with the Denon DVD2900 player - from the reviews it appears to somewhat better than the equivalent Yammie 2300 - especially for music - it will probably be used 70% music 30% movies.

I currently have mated to my RX-596 the Cerwin Vega E712 floorstanders and B&W ASW1000 sub and was thinking if I went to the combination highlighted at the outset how would it likelt go with CV and the B&W - also has anyone got the Cervin Vega surround speakers for 7.1 or any format of home theatre - interested in how they go.

The listening room is quite small - say 5m x 5m square - we have recently moved house and I have consequently had to tweak the bass back a bit for it not to be bloated or boomy.

Anyways interested in your thoughts and ideas for speakers that might go with this combination - budget is around $600usd for the speakers.

If you already have the Denon DVD player, why not get the Denon 3803 or 3805 receiver ?

As I said in the opening I love Yamaha!
So get a Yamaha then, probably not as good as the Denon though.