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Trying to hook up Totem 1 Bookshelf’s …..
I am beyond cheap. I just run bare wire at the end of the speaker wire on my Mani 2’s. I just have it long enough to connect the posts.  
Totem Mani - 2 Signatures vs. Original Mani - 2
You could always pay $30 for the regular version like I did.....(I know this is an ancient thread)    
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I barely have 3K in everything I ever bought. Sure made more though. Guess I'll keep rolling with my $20 Denon PMA 980R, and $30 Totem Mani 2's. (Sansui AU 919 needs a refresh, Yamaha CR 2040 just needs light)  
Pet Sounds: Most Overrated Album of All Time?
Old thread. Still think the record is way overrated. But Hendrix overrated? There are two very underrated beach Boys albums. Friends, & Sunflower.  
Denon PMA 980R For those that don't want to spend $$$$+$'s
And my local tech who became to old to work on gear was working on units and usually charging $300 like he did to service a Marantz 2500. About the same for a Yamaha CR 3020.I will find out. Again, the PMA 980R is a fine performer.I don't have to ... 
Denon PMA 980R For those that don't want to spend $$$$+$'s
The sound of the amp sounds fuller with the loudness switch on. And I will continue to use it that way.Anyway....... I have nothing in this stuff. The Sansui will probably cost around $350 for a refurb. To me it’s worth it. And that will be by far... 
Totem Rainmakers experts needed
I know, zombie thread.I can't help but notice many comments on many sites referencing that the Totems are power pigs, they need lot of power......I guess certain Totems do? But the Mani 2's I have been running do not. I am using an Acurus A250, bu... 
New to vinyl - How to get the best out of old classical discs?
The bottom line is the source. Some records are just not well recorded/mastered. If you had the right disc, recording, and pressing you would not need these suggestions.  
replacement drive for Rega Apollo
I know, old thread. I tried this a couple years ago and it didn’t work because the round holder that holds the CD in place did not have the snap down pins. Some of these don’t, and some do. And this is an easy repair if it works. But you need the ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Sounds great through my Totem Mani 2 Thrift Store finds........ 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
RCA LSC 1903 
Zappa Recommendations ?
The only early Zappa record I dislike is Rueben And The Jets.I think the Op could be enamored with The Illinois Enema Bandit? 
Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift
Believe it or not the first unit I ran with them to test them was a NAD 7140. The NAD being the great little unit it is drove them effortlessly.I will continue to use my group of amps.  
Zappa Recommendations ?
What bigtwin said. Zappa's best stuff is his verve releases, and early Warner's Bizarre.Roxy54's recommendation is an excellent choice. Burnt Weenie mentioned above is excellent. But to blow off stuff because of vocals for Zappa is an unusual choi... 
Herbert Downes, Jacqueline Du Pré PCSD 1499 Thrift Store Find
I still have this. I need to spin it tonight.